Oct 4

1962: Is there life on other planets?

In this Four Corners segment from August 31, 1962, Ray Taylor asks an eclectic mix of Sydneysiders, “Is there life on other planets?”

4 Responses to “1962: Is there life on other planets?”

  1. Annette H

    Oh my lord, thanks Wes, what a giggle. Sydney looks do much like a country town then. Australia has grown so much.
    My parents watched four corners every night when I was growing up.
    I dug the fact that one guy saw something glowing in the sky (orb??) and stuck to his guns no matter how rude the reporter was.

  2. Lisa B

    I just called my mailman Wes lol! His name is Matt! I could watch more of this stuff…interesting to see how people were in 1962, the year I was born! Pretty cool stuff…thank you Matt! Oops I mean Wes! ?

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