Dec 11

Tonight’s Show: It Looked Like A Huge Spider Crawling

Alan writes “We have property on the Pacific Ocean in a town that’s well know for Bigfoot activity, to the point that the police know of them and accept there existence.

Early August I was doing what I always do before going to bed (putting out the campfire, walking out to the road and spotting deer in the grass/ditch area between the north and south bound lanes of the road).

I was surprised that there were no deer, usually there are 10-20 deer eating the grass. I stood there for awhile just looking up and down the road, enjoying the stillness and quiet. A VERY large MAN (so I thought) caught my eye walking away from me about 200 feet away (I’ve since went and measured it) under a street light.

It didn’t seem that odd, people do walk around at night here. As I was watching him he turned to his left and walked across the road and into the ditch. There was a cross street right there BUT he chose to go thru the ditch.

Now what happened next is still hard for me to recount, I’m shaking and tearing up as I’m writing this. What came out of the ditch is burned into my brain. The “ MAN” that when into the ditch came out on all fours and “ crawled” across the road, I put it in my mind as a dog, but it wasn’t.

What came out of the ditch took up a whole lane of traffic, that lane was 10 feet wide….It was massive and moved with purpose but it never looked at me, it just looked forward. I just watched it in disbelief, telling myself it as just a dog (ya a dog that’s 10’ long and 3’ tall while on its belly).

The thing that walked upright into the ditch never came out !!! But I kept telling myself that it was probably a guy walking his dog. One of the speakers at the summit was talking about urban sightings in 2 areas in this state in particular and I have a residence in BOTH OF THOSE AREAS…..As he was talking he mentioned the “spider crawl” and I lost it, the encounter came flooding back and I started to cry.

He stopped and asked if I had something to share. I tried, lord knows I tried but I just couldn’t get it out. I left the room for awhile to figure out WTF was going with me. I did return and talked candidly with a couple people that were very supportive. Anyway this is what I saw coming out of that ditch.

This has totally changed my life, I’m still try to figure out what to do with this.”



I will also be speaking to Brian. Brian writes “I grew up in Ohio and this took place there in the fall of 1992. I was in college then and I was dating a girl I met from there who’s family lived in the Fort Washington area. It’s very close to the hometown of John Glenn the astronaut. They had a family cabin in a very wooden area they used for hunting and family events. I had been there a few times and on this particular night we were going to meet there and stay over the night alone as her parents were out of town.

The cabin was about 3-5 miles off the main road. The road to it was a dirt road and had woods on both sides with maybe 50-100 yards of waist high tall grass from the tree line to road. It was night and a fairly hot night so I had my windows down and driving. So I grew up in Ohio so seeing a deer or even having one jump out in front of you on a road is not a new experience. But at the time this happen it seemed like this deer came out of nowhere on my left maybe 10 feet in front of me across the face of my car. It did scare me and I came to stop and I kinda slid at a angle so my headlights were half on the road half on the grass area. So as I was trying to get my senses from that I was looking towards where the deer went and all I remember next is this blinding flash that crossed in front of the car. It blocked out my headlights for a moment and moved into the grass and into the dark on the other side of the road. I put the car in park opened my door and stood up.

Why I have no idea. Then I heard what I thought was the dear running away farther along the grass and the Forrest. Then what today still makes my body tingle I heard the heavy one..then two footsteps coming back toward me. I couldn’t see anything but I heard what I guess is the sounds other people have heard like a chatting. Quick. Jumbled. Didn’t make sense but it was very plain. Then I heard a deep almost growl like sound coming from what sounded like a deep chested….thing. I really had no idea what is was and I felt like it was almost pissed. Like maybe I messed up his hunt. Least what I thought later. Then for brief second he came barely into my headlight. Wes it was huge. Maybe 9 feet tall. Thick. Long arms. Huge barrel chest and he grunted one more time. For the first time I caught whiff of a terrible smell. I was frozen in this state of fear and amazement. I did feel he was mad but for some reason I didn’t feel he was going to hurt me. It just felt almost like he was like “ dude you just messed up my dinner”. In those few seconds that lasted I got a fairly good look at him and then just as quick he turned and calmly walked off into the night and I could hear him going into the tree line and be gone. For a few seconds I stood there trying to compute what I saw. Got back in the car and drove to my girlfriends. So hopefully this is as complete as story as you like. Be glad to chat or talk in more details but I’m just glad I finally able to tell someone. I’ve never spoke to anyone about it.”

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