Dec 11

Aurora UFO Crash of the 1800s

UAMN TV writes “In this presentation, Kerry Trent details the full story of a famous Aurora, Texas, UFO Incident, resulting in the death of the extraterrestrial pilot. Since then, UFO hunters and researchers from all over the world still looking for the pilot’s burial site. A fascinating lecture, full of visuals – take the trip back to late 1800s.”


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  1. Ron S

    Leonardo Da Vinci had the concept of flight in one regard as a basic glider or hang glider around the year 1500…it was never built. Was he the first person ever to look at a bird or a bat and dream? I highly doubt it. So it gets me wondering…I have a hard time believing it took 400 years later, I repeat 400 YEARS for the Wright brothers to pick up where he left off. It really makes me think about technology and the advancement of the human species…Is it suppressed? who controls it? How? Why? Slight of hand? Smoke and mirrors? Create turmoil or war (loss of life) amongst one another? Create suspicions between neighbors? Divide and conquer? I mean, Idk…I’m just asking the obvious questions everyone should. Sometimes we should all step back in unison and look at the bigger picture. 400 years?

    • Ron S

      Let’s makes this fun…Welcome to the Family Feud!
      Top 5 answers on the board.
      (Richard Dawson swaggers over to your family, leans in uncomfortably close to your daughter and comments on how lovely she looks, and with a whispering question asks…)
      Name something that directed the peoples actions between 1500 and 1900 A.D.?
      She’s got her hair done nicely and has on a beautiful dress she just bought for the show, so she says “Fashion”….the family claps and shouts: “good answer, good answer!”
      Richard: LET ME SEE FASHION! ………..
      (A moment’s hesitation), then a big ❌ SQUAAANNKK!
      The turn goes to oldest brother.
      Richard saunters over, sizes him up, leans in a little less and asks what he does for a living before asking the same question.
      Brother: “I’m gonna go with media Richard” (family clapping and “good answer, good answer!” (With more enthusiasm)
      (Richard taps his podium with the question card in agreement)
      Richard: LET ME SEE MEDIA!
      (Number 4 slot rolls over for 12 points) BING!
      The audience reads in unison, “entertainment/media”
      (The family high 5’s all around)
      Now it’s your turn…

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