Dec 10

Than this creature stands up

A listener writes “I had an encounter back in September on the Buffalo River here in Arkansas I was hiking on the Buffalo there is a trail I was by myself (I’m sorry if the punctuation sucks) but I had decided I was going to hike this bluff trail also known as the goat trail.

I have told a few people about this because I’ve heard a lot of things I’m a believer that there’s something but hadn’t seen anything so I had taken my camera and had plans to take some beautiful pictures of the stars and get a good hike in. I had parked my truck in what is called the steel creak camp grounds and I have previously hiked this with my son so I knew the trail it went through the river multiple times I got about a mile in and my second creek crossing I took some pictures of the water and the bluff it’s about 745 or 8 am and I have my camera on and start to hike back into the tall grass and trees I get maybe 30 feet off the river and to my right I hear like a sigh gunt.

Than this creature stands up I can’t see it but it turns away from me moving the trees and I see the back of the head and a extremely large hand Luke brushes a tree branch out of his way moving away from me but moving everything like large trees on each side I couldn’t see it and was frozen only reason I didn’t pee myself is I had peed before starting the hike.

I then was like I can continue the hike or stop either way I am freaked out so let’s just finished what I came here for but I decided I’m just going to be as loud as I can as a hiked and was talking to myself like the f— did I just see.

I hiked up and the bluff I hiked to there was others there didn’t really talk to them but took pictures then go to hike back to the truck on my way back this is about 2 or 3 hours later now and when I get to the same area again by myself I hear a large tree being broken towards the area the it had went I look and the trees are moving that way not towards me but just shaking so I grabbed my phone and started recording and all of it stopped.

I also was being very vocal about what I was doing because I was un armed and scared honestly but I walked very quickly back to the truck. I have a couple other occasions that I have heard tree knocks and howling because I overland camp I also saw what looked like a foot print then beside it looked like a scuffle and something being drug into the woods.”

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  1. Jesse D

    … really? ragging on his punctuation after he already excused it? ugh. I can’t stand people like you.

    Also ps… your default pic? Looks like a 2022 drag queen rocking heavy eyeshadow with a Tom Selleck mustache. I wouldn’t get all judgy on people If I were you.

  2. Ron S

    No problem interpreting what he’s saying here. I can really relate to this encounter, falls in line with an experience or two I had myself…his reactions seem genuine. Thank you

    • Ron S

      This is going to sound Cookoo but I keep finding some ties between goats and Sasquatch…that’s all I really want to say for now. Some things I feel like you have to keep a lid on a little more tightly so you can use them later to discriminate real from hoax…otherwise it’s just another detail a hoaxer might want to add in to give a prank more realism.

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