Aug 4

Toddler Plays With Gorilla

Toddler Plays With Gorilla: Caught on Tape, Father Discusses in Exclusive Interview. Damian Aspinall discusses a viral video of his daughter and a 300-pound gorilla.

11 Responses to “Toddler Plays With Gorilla”

  1. Charlie B

    That gorilla wasn’t 300 lbs but u still must be nuts to let your kid play with a gorilla what would of happened if other gorilla had killed the kid ? Would the father stand trail for his part in it ?

  2. Justin B

    Except the fact that these parents were true experts on the gorillas. Obviously she was safe. You could never let your kid play with a pit bull or German Shepard if you worry about what might happen. My 10 year old son rides steers and some novice Bulls does that make me a bad parent? he could get hurt. But has an amazing time.

  3. Eddie M

    I met Willie B when I was 5 and he was 5…when my K-5 class moved on I stayed with Willie B. We were buds and we played…over the years I kept coming back as he grew to be the Alpha Male and I grew to adulthood…he knew me every single time I was there…even in a crowd. He got his nice Primate enclosure and I was so proud for him…when Willie B died it really got to me…I mourned the loss of a friend…a childhood friend. He was the coolest!

  4. Gary C

    I think that is very exceptional, without the families working knowledge with the gorillas I’m sure they would not have put their kids in the cage.
    Must admit I’ve never heard of their foundation before.

  5. Mary W

    Shit there’s about 70% of the human race I wouldn’t trust with my children! Call me paranoid but I think the risk he took was too high. Thier emotion aren’t always parallel with our own. (Gorillas that is) from my inexperienced observations gorilla emotion change in a heart beat leaving little time to respond . What if the child’s parents were ready to go and the gorilla wasn’t ready to end ” play time?” Just saying ….

  6. Irene A

    What’s key and extremely important is the fact that the gorillas grew up around the Aspinalls and accepted them as part of their extended family. And although the gorillas here are gentle giants with the Aspinalls, that does not guarantee that they will behave the same way to new humans who are not part of their extended family.

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