Aug 4

Family documents a mile-long line of tracks

In 1991 in Florida, My family found a track of footprints on our hunting property. We were able to follow it for over a mile. We casted two prints (a right & left.) We followed the track and found a place where it had gone through a barb wire fence, taking out 5 or 6 posts, and what appeared to be a place where it slept. We even found swamp cabbage that was eaten and appeared to be discarded. It crossed the creeks on the west side next to the foot bridges – not using them.




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12 Responses to “Family documents a mile-long line of tracks”

  1. Kenneth M

    I’ve often wondered if their tracks follow a consistent pattern. If you hunt, you know some critters tend to move in large circles. I’d like to know if the tracks typically point strait toward an objective, or move in circlels or loops.

  2. Seamus J. C

    I’m not sure about those casts. Normally, in the course of walking, the prints are altered based on which part of the foot/hoof is taking the most weight, so the toes and balls of the feet of a human would sink in deeper than the heel and the mid-foot. This distorts the print, and should do so to the cast, as well. These two look quite flat and uniform.

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