Jan 29

Thursday show will be moved to Saturday


We apologize for the major technical difficulties we have experienced.  We will do our call in show on Saturday, Jan. 31st at 6pm PST.

Feel free to ask questions of any of us, or share an encounter!  Call in number is 646-716-8791.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.  Will post a new link to listen live, very soon.

23 Responses to “Thursday show will be moved to Saturday”

  1. Richard W

    Hey guys —–We were worried when we could not access your website . In light of Bob Garrett’s site being shut down , we thought maybe you had been shut down too. Can we ask as a professional courtesy that if you encounter such technical issues in the future, perhaps you can send out a “broadcast email” to your subscribers (paid and unpaid) that you are having technical difficulties and will be back up as soon as possible. We thought the worst. Can we also let you know we are hoping Bob and his family are doing ok. It would be great if you can post an update perhaps weekly that you have been in touch with Bob and he and his family are fine.
    My wife and I worry about you all.

    Take care, and see you on Saturday!

    Rick Winfield & Family

  2. Robert V

    I thought the same as Richard. Glad your back. Nothing ever works perfect but you guys are obviously doing your best. Your best is far better than most people’s best. 🙂

  3. Natalie J

    Richard W — that was so beautifully stated. Thank you for expressing what most of us are likely feeling about the situation. Wes, Will, Shannon — we care about your welfare and well being and it means a lot to us to know you’re okay. May you all be safe and protected.

  4. William R

    Wes, was actually expecting this to happen this week. Still blows my mind. Pray none of you experience any personal technical or harassment “issues”.
    Rick, thank you for so eloquently expressing what is on all our minds. Much appreciated.

  5. Janet P

    I was so worried! Nothing stinky or blobby about the image I had in mind… Take care, you guys, and you know you have a virtual armie of awesomeness at your command. xxo

  6. Mr.Crypto

    i think maybe we should have private shows just for the paid members during the week. that just may eliminate those ‘interruptions’ or narrow it down at least. I have a feeling it wasnt just technical difficulties. its possible the website got pinged and flooded by dickheads and that knocked it offline with database errors.. this is all speculation on my part but it was just too suspicious.. anyway i think private paid members shows will lesson or stop that bs.


  7. Wes

    Sorry everyone, not really sure what happened. Blogtalk crashed on Will and I….never seen anything like it before then the website went down for no reason…never seen that before either. I called the person who hosts our site on the server and he was lost to why it crashed, claims he has no idea what happened…strange

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