Jan 29

Thursday show moved to Saturday evening


We apologize for the major technical difficulties we have experienced.  We will do our call in show on Saturday, Jan. 31st at 6pm PST.

Feel free to ask questions of any of us, or share an encounter!  Call in number is 646-716-8791.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.  Will post a new link to listen live, very soon.


32 Responses to “Thursday show moved to Saturday evening”

    • Mark B

      I thought the same thing as you, I guess all this conspiracy talk makes us all a little paranoid.
      But remember what they say “just because your paranoid doesn’t mean their not out to get you. Ha!

  1. Kathy E

    OK, well… i can listen to a past episode. (Ooh like the one where the kid saw sasquatch carrying the dead dog!) You guys take your time…..OK NOT REALLY you guys are gonna keep the show going right?!!!

  2. Shawn B

    Funny, we all thought the same thing! Maybe big bubba from the SSO,( the Sasquatch silence organization) had shut you guys down.
    My problem with not having a show is that I can’t listen to old episodes because Ive heard them so much that I could do a recital of them!

  3. Victor D

    I listen to Ground Zero´s podcast on Stitcher as well, and he had huge problems with all the calls getting disconnected right about the time you guys had the issues

  4. Asheim

    It’s past midnight over here in Norway and hope you get the technical difficulties ironed out for a show tonight! I am a night owl and sometimes have been able to catch the live show at least parts of it. Lykke til as we say for good luck over here. I wonder if we do have Bigfoot here in Norway what “type” they would be. I’ll have to post the chilling encounter these two teenage girls had near their home in Sweden. It was indeed hair raising.

  5. dan s

    My guess is the show will not be the same going forward due to the recent episodes. They have or will be compromised……..

    They weren’t playing with fire…They were playing with a blow torch!!!!

    I hope I’m wrong!!!!!!

  6. Richard C

    Yeah…let down is right…work nights get home bout 430am seen that wasnt goin to be posted till mornin went sleep hopeing it would be up when I wokeup at bout noon but ….NO CIGAR… had looked forward to this all week pretty much …OH GOLLY GEE GOSHDARN!…1:47pm central standard

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