Jan 30

Watch: ParaBreakdown Takes A Look At The Snow Beast Video

Phil Poling of ParaBreakdown takes a look at the snow beast footage that hit the Internet a couple days ago. Hilarious!

13 Responses to “Watch: ParaBreakdown Takes A Look At The Snow Beast Video”

  1. Robert D

    I sure wish I knew what was in the minds of the idiots who say they filmed a Sasquatch knowing full well it’s a person…Hoaxers too.

    Is it an unquenchable need to get their fifteen minutes of online fame or do they just need attention THAT bad? I personally would never in a million years upload or report anything less than an extremely clear video or picture. Anything else would be a waste of my time and I am certainly not interested in wasting anyone else’s time.

  2. DonRay

    That is someone up too no good.. as soon as he see’s the camera, he turns away from camera and walks…. He probably saw the camera guy set it up.,,,,,, nice gloves

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