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Family has multiple sightings in KY


Investigation Conducted: 11-8-2014
Encounter Dates: 11-2-14, 11-4-14, 11-6-14
Witnesses: Wayne, Debbie, Bill and Bessie (last names on file)
City: Garfield

We received a call on Nov 6th regarding the encounters and arranged an investigation at the family’s residence on Nov 8th. Upon arriving at the home we were enthusiastically greeted on the porch by husband and wife, Wayne and Debbie. They were eager to walk us to the locations on the property where the sightings took place! The first spot they showed us was a huge bedding area next to their pond. We searched for hair and even smelled the grass for an odor, but neither was noticed. Then we searched for footprints at the sighting locations, took photos and height measurements. Many persimmon trees and a soy bean field could provide a nice food source—the fruit and beans were still plentiful.

November 2, 2014: Debbie and Bessie were sitting on their back porch at 6:45am when Bessie sees a large branch in the tree line get pulled down, then release back up. See notices a tall, blonde-colored figure, with wide shoulders and no neck, standing on two legs under the branch. She tells her daughter-in-law Debbie, “There’s someone out there!” Debbie walks out of the screen door and off the porch to get a better view and she sees it as well. The creature immediately turned around and ran back into the woods. Debbie explained, “I’ve never in my life seen something move so fast!” Besides the speed, the most significant feature which stuck out in Debbie’s mind was the fur around the face. “It looked like wind-blown, long fur,” said Debbie. She also said the skin on its face looked, “Chalky, light grey when it turned and the sun hit it”. It was too far away and such a quick view, neither witness could recall further details of its face. They both agreed the shoulders were at least 3-4 foot wide and “rounded on the ends, like a bodybuilder.”

November 4, 2014: Bill was sitting on the back porch around 7:30pm and sees a dark, hairy figure walk across the back of the property eating something out of its hand. One hand was cupped, up by its chest, while it picked items out of it with the other hand, placing items into its mouth. Bill only saw a glimpse of it due to the trees. There is a security light on a pole in the backyard. This creature was definitely much darker in color (almost black), opposite the creature seen two days prior. The family’s dogs which stay in a large, fenced-in pen, moved to far side on the enclosure.

November 6, 2014: Just before dusk, Wayne was sitting on the back porch and catches a glimpse of a tall, hairy, black figure standing behind a trailer in the backyard. “It was at least 3 foot taller than the trailer…I only saw it for few seconds,” explained Wayne. The land slopes down into the woods so it was hard to estimate the exact height of the creature. It was most likely walking directly away from Wayne, as it disappeared from view.

Additional Information: On two occasions, the neighbor’s donkey could be heard “wailing away” minutes before the sightings. Tree knocks and odd howls are heard frequently. We did not venture too far into the woods due to it being the opening day of gun season.
This is a pond near the home. “Something” was bedding here.

Look really hard and you can see Travis. He demonstrated where Debbie and Bessie noticed the creature
pull down the branch. It’s the large branch with brown leaves directly above Travis’s hand. Travis is 5′ 11″ tall.
Due to the long arms of a Sasquatch, its height could range anywhere from 7-9 foot.
Travis stands approximately where Wayne saw it standing. The land slopes down and away towards the treeline so it’s hard to tell the height.
Multiple persimmon trees at the sighting location still beared fruit. Persimmon is a possible food source.

Site Source: kentuckybigfoot.com
Researchers: Charlie Raymond,Lead Investigator and Travis Knuckles,Investigator



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