Jul 14

SC forums

The forums are back up. I want everyone to enjoy them, its a great place to communicate and share ideas. Bad behavior will not be tolerated, if you try to turn it into a place to complain and moan or attack guests I will have you removed. If you have something to say that is negative please feel free to email me wes@sasquatchchronicles.com. Other than that, go enjoy!

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  1. mark s

    Hey Wes, thanks for bringing the forums back I hope they stay cool, the extra info is a plus and I love where you have taken SC, great show brother

  2. Robert H

    Yes can someone help I’m not a computer nerd. So I’m trying to figure out how to access the forums. All I have ever found is the blog and podcast. Is there something or somewhere else I should be looking. Do I need go be on Facebook or what. Thanks for your help…

  3. Al G

    Wes, I sincere hope that you’re moderators have a “no troll” rule.

    Hopefully only paying members can participate. Like Al Quida and ISIS, they can hate for free, but not troll. If they pay to troll, put them in time out.

    The ban button is a good tool.

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Jun 22

SC Forums

I am working on bringing back the SC forums, possibly this week. I am also working on getting some good moderators to overlook the forums. I like the idea of the forums being a place where people can share thoughts and ideas but I refuse to have it be a cancer on the site or a place of negativity like it became. I have been dragging my feet on this because I do not even like the idea of having moderators, I just want everyone to be respectful. You can disagree with peoples thoughts and ideas but it will not become a place where people attack each other. I want everyone to have fun, we are all on the same journey of learning and trying to figure out what this creature is running around in the woods. I think it is important to bring the forums back and have it be a positive experience for all of the members.

Look for an update later this week.




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  1. Janet B

    You’re a peach Wes…agree with you on what the forums should and should not be. Don’t think you’re dragging
    your feet, just being careful so that if the Forums come back, they’ll be the best they can be.

    Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to making this such a wonderful place!

    Jan B


    I agree that one should be able to have an opinion without attacking another individual. Thank you Wes for taking the time to read the comments and making this decision. Your work is much appreciated!

  3. Bobby W

    Bring on the moderators Wes. This would allow you to continue the great job that you are doing. And should you need to make adjustments the go to the moderators.

  4. Patricia R

    Couldn’t this comment section just be the “forum”?
    Maybe I don’t understand the definition and how they may differ.

    You could just remind people to be professional and not abusive, and if they are, just don’t let those comments be posted.
    Like Mitch Waite used to do, he would respectfully remind people to not use profanity or use disrespectful, demeaning or degrading language, and if they continued, they would be blocked.

    Just an idea, to just leave things as they are and focus on shows without adding more work to yourself, Wes. Thanks. Patricia

  5. Steven D

    Please bring back the forum…that is why I joined!!! Lol… this is an awesome site…and people should treat it as such. Ever since my sasquatch obsession has increased it has become more and more apparent to me , the true depths of destruction a pack of bigfoot trolls can bring!! But still, a few a holes shouldn’t ruin it for everyone else..nor should the owners have to babysit…. either way love the site!

  6. Dave T

    I nominate Steve to be our moderatoragain. I liked his humor and he would get in there and mix it up with us. I do miss playing with some of the trolls. Some of the regulars were great and would post a lot of info and add a lot to this sight so I think it’s a good thing. Let’s get this party started. Wes, if it gets to be trolls that want to just beat on you then block them and give them the pitch.

  7. Farrell Stormcrow

    No, we need the forums I dont always read all the comments, and I am sure I miss stuff. I prefer a forum style way to contribute, especially if its off the topic of blog post we are looking at.
    Please, bring em back!

  8. patricia d

    Carol, I agree with you and Patricia R….people just got so out of hand, it got to be like looking at an accident, you really don’t want to, but curiosity took over. Became depressing. I hope, if it comes, back, people will respect each other.

  9. Frankie P

    I think if it was “members only” and the same rules applied you wouldn’t have much trouble. Even less if they knew that they would be blocked from both Facebook and the forums. Don’t know if it’s possible, but maybe you could link the two? (I am so clueless about this stuff!).

  10. toomuch

    I have been here since the beginning, and have enjoyed the forums as well. However, I believe you will be opening Pandora’s box by returning the forums. Some of you must have forgotten how bad it got. Remember, many of these major trolls paid for a year. They will be back. I will cordially participate, but I’m not holding my breath.

  11. James B

    It also needs a report system where we can notify the moderators that a troll has surfaced. Disagreements are one thing that can be handled with dignity and respect. Before this site I hardly ever commented or shared anything about weird stuff that has happened to me. I have never e-mailed a site owner until I was introduced to SC and Wes, my only wish would be that Wes can get some honest help that will not bail on him at the site of smoke. Thank You Wes For all the hard work you do for us.

  12. Steven B


    I see a lot talk here about “Trolls”. I don’t know how many here have heard of Clyde Lewis and his radio show “Ground Zero” but one night he mentioned something I found very interesting. He said that there are government “paid trolls” to join blogs and websites to discredit and offend people in areas of “interest” by the “gooberment” – I know how to spell it but ever since this crap with them looking at us all, I prefer not to use words they may key in on. I recall Ep 105 where Wes indicated about weird phone calls and email and Clyde’s remark got me thinking, “I wonder how many “paid trolls” come in the door to SasChron to wreak havoc with members and to discredit any info given?”. Just a thought. Just like the X-files: “The Truth is Out There” and “Trust no One.”

    Anyhow, Wes, I, personally, am getting my “money’s worth” with or without the Forum…I’m just happy you created this site.

    Cheers/God Bless
    Steve, RGV TX

    • Steven B

      Dagnabbit! – I try not to type that unmentionable word g********* and I noticed that I did anyway. Ahhh well, might as well add to their file load… 😉

    • Christopher c

      Dude I thought the same thing that there was some kind of Government big brother hired trolls trying to bring a bad cloud to our place of refuge from the mainstream non-believers,it all started when Wes and the fellas went on the Texas run and our site started to unfold when a few paid members didn’t get their Sasquatch fix, I admit I even joked hey can I get my money back for this week? but the minute…the minute I heard people jumping on Wes and his brother that they hoaxed their encounter and were making off like bandits and than the B.S. rumors about why Will and Shannon left and all the stuff that was going off every day when I went on our site that’s when I was like F… these guys I’m going in and I ain’t coming out until they are gone and I felt ugly going off on some of the people I had semi intelligent conversations with and now they are like come with us to our new site and I was like no way get a life man!!,only thing is that took so much out of me that I vowed not to get involved anymore I am 50/50 on site forums because I also believe in the the possibility of Government paid trolls ,they spend hundreds of thousands on nuts bots and screws on the submarines my father in law was working on in the 80’s so why wouldn’t they spend 7 measly dollars to throw a wrench in our spokes? anyway either way I support Wes on any decision he makes I just don’t wan’t our site to end up like an episode of the Walking Dead with widespread cannibalism so with that I am sorry to to anyone i may have offended in the past I was only trying to defend the crew of SASCHRON especially Wes’ and his brother and Shannon #1 because some people were disturbing Wes’ brothers family up at 2-3 A.M. and #2 someone even sunk as low as to start calling Shannon all sorts of foul names,I couldn’t take it anymore! I had sunk to their level and started cannibalizing the guys who were trying to discredit the SASCHRON crew my bad Wes! next time some one else can come to the rescue I already did my snack shack duty ha ha!(baseball dad terminology) anyway the only thing I really miss about the show is the live callers,now I know with limited resources it’s kinda hard to ask that of Wes because you first need to have someone else to screen the caller to make shure it isn’t some crazy flute dudes from the planet nebula, we need to keep it pertinent,Wes you are doing a great job.

  13. Dave T

    There may or may not have been some plants. Some peopl are just pricks. If they get out of control, weed them out. We all knew who the a-holes were last time around, it wasn’t a secret. I think a lot of them have already moved on anyway to follow their looser guru on readit. If we keep the rif raf to a minimum, we can really exchange some good info and ideas. Make it so we can exchange emails with certain members without posting it for the world to see. It definateley adds more to this site.

  14. Robert P

    I liked the forums. I guess I missed the negative stuff. Well most of it anyways. All I have to say to the Paranormal Deniers is explain a few of the Missing 411 cases. Something is out there

  15. Carol S

    Good news, I miss picking the brains of the forum members. I hope the trolls stay at bay but I doubt it. Something about the aninimity the internet brings out the worst in some people. At any rate, I suspect most here have your back Wes. Thanks for not backing down!

  16. Elaine C

    I wasn’t here for the forums. Back then I listened on YouTube. I joined after I heard Wes was getting so much flack. There is no better way to show what side you are on then with your wallet. So glad I did. I went back and listened to every episode. They got me through some mundane projects around the property. I read all the responses that I can, so I will check out the forum as well.

  17. tom b

    I think it important to have strict rules to prohibit the type of uncontrolled mayhem we had before. Your mod at the time tried (good guy) but their was too much material for one set of eyes. I was a mostly silent witness to what happened. It really started when Will did not deliver on a promised show with no warning or explanation. I think this made people mad and they felt taken for granted and man did it go bad fast from there.
    There was definitely other forces at work, not sure if they were your competition (likely) or possibly our other “friends who would like to discredit you. I could tell by the sheer meanness and and their dogged attempts to smear your name that they were not normal members. There were 3-4 usernames that were the core of this activity. Thanks Wes your show has really helped me with my encounters. Perhaps one day I will share.

  18. WALT D

    Very big of you to even cosider bringing them back.If people could keep there opinion to themselves instead of calling everyone a liar I think it can work.

  19. Denise

    Like most others, I hated the vitriol and viciousness of the previous forum. In fact, I almost didn’t become a member because of it. However, I also think people should be free to disagree without penalty if they can be polite. Since sociopathic trolls and people with hidden agendas gravitate to the forum, a common sense moderator is definitely necessary to keep the posters in line. If someone crosses the line, warn them. Anyone can have a bad day. If it happens again, put them in time out for a couple of weeks, third time , they can no longer post. Unless you have the ability and willingness to do this, it will probably descend into the middle school behavior again. Good luck.

  20. Papa - Yeti

    Do we need S.C. forms to return?
    -I think a members only form would be a wonderful idea, forms, for paid members to post their needed impute, ideas, and data, the forums should banded trolls and wicket people and their wicked aims at paid members, staff, Moderators, the Founding Bros of Sasquatch Chronicles of past, present or future. Non slandering, forms. I think the cruel derogatory slandering and attacks on Miss Legro was absolutely disrespectful and of pure cowardice, and that’s by far an understatement.

    -The Sasquatch Forms, a wonderful place to read of member’s positive contributing thoughts and Ideas, to the better understanding, of the creatures. (Question do me only discuss Sasquatch and Dogman [Bipedal creatures?]) or can we discuss species such as extant species such as the living and proven not extinct coelacanths of the order of Sarcopterygii (lobe –finned fished fish)? These Lobe – fin fish were one deemed gone extinct in the late Cretaceous period. I think discussing such living and possible reported living fossils as in portent to understand as is the speaking of possible surviving or of species of that took another branch.

    -The same as with the possible living Leviathans, such as the 1969 sonagraph anomaly taken aboard the Alaskan shrimp – trawler the M.V. Mylark of a very possible Plesiosurus or close relative of it, very near the bottom of the ocean floor of Alaska’s KODIAK Island. If one once deemed extinct species turn up a positive living breading species. Now what if this gives great strength and hope to one of our young readers that decides to get a college degree and turns out to be the one to bring to the world another said extinct creature with physical proof and or photographic images of a 10 0r 12 foot Gigantopithecus – that floor us all, and encouraged by posts he or she read upon the Sasquatch Chronicle forms. However if we limit and restrict topics of discussion to only Sasquatch and Bipedal Wolf creatures, we fail to inspire the imagination and passion of the younger and elderly generations.

    -I am looking very forward to participating in the Sasquatch Chronicle form with all due respect to form rules, and educate. I am sure that you have whole heartedly aphorized to Miss Legro of site, but Speaking for myself and many others she really deserves our respect and appreciation for all of her contributions and given personal time as a once member of Sasquatch Chronicles.

    -Miss Legro is a wonder person as is Pan P.R. both very wonderful and kind heart ladies.

    -Also in understanding your 100 percent Plus daily and personal dedication, it is important for you and even the mod to remember family always comes first, as well your personal health. Stress and personal attack is a negative energy that knocks you down and with that said, at any time the forms create a massive drain upon you. Terminate the forms. And we will all be fine with things as they are now.

    -And to all the eyewitnesses and guest that call in and tell of your horrific encounters and hardships of losing your pets, livestock and in some cases homes and farm because of attacks by the creatures thank you for sharing of the encounter. As well thank you to all the readers and listeners, and members for your needed information, and ideas and theories.

    -We all here deeply appreciate your personal immense hard work and contributions you have made at 1000 plus percent Wes, this site, Sasquatch Chronicle is a huge success and a incredibly awesome site, your dedication of your passion to better inform others and understand these creates shows a lot, personally Wes, I would not be surprised if you and Woody make Time magazine, THe cover of Rolling Stone, and to be in other Magazine Lime – lights to speak of your experiences – of your goal for Sasquatch Chronicles. And when you do I want to be your chief editor : ) ok Every one you can towel the coffees off your PC screens. I said that part for laughs.

    Thanks Wes, for giving us our chance to say our thoughts – I cut mine posting here in half. : )

  21. Kay S

    I’m delighted to see the forums back. It may sound hopeful, but can’t we shut out the trolls ourselves? From what I’ve seen they can only thrive if we respond to them ( I’m guilty of responding to them in the past). If we ignore them surely they become impotent. What do you think?

    • Christopher c

      I’m with you Kay S. I am guilty of responding to trolls in the past but like you figured out that responding to them only gives them the power and attention they need so desperately, so I vowed to never get involved again but rather to evolve and learn to be a more mature person in the process of that experience.

  22. MilitantDanny

    Forums Thoughts:

    1) Mods should have the power to condense posts. Example: If one dude posts about theories on Types and makes his own Thread, Mod’s quickly point out the existing older thread on the subject and close it or archive it so it doesn’t clutter the initial pages. This will keep the forums clean and easier to keep track of whats going on rather than posting a thread and instantly it getting buried 50 pages back by similar threads of 50 other people wanting to talk about the same thing.

    2) Wes, you’re talking about “Big Boy Rules”. Big Boy Rules are good in theory in small, vetted groups, but not so much with the masses – especially with a fringe topic like Bigfoot! Example: You might have 100 people in any given group, out of that 100 – 10 are idiots and will ruin it for the other 90% if left unsupervised. Some might argue it’s more than 10% (I particularly think that “Idiocracy” is more of a documentary than a comedy…), but you catch my drift? Forums are more often read, than posted within. Search and ease of navigation are key elements because of this.

    Regarding Larry’s comment. Look, your show is entertaining. I’ve since read up on your encounter and the controversy surrounding it. That being said, I still have Episode 2 as an Mp3 I was able to download permanently. I’ve listened to it over and over, before and after the controversy. Everything you and Woody say sounds convincing,as in your tone, delivery…. it doesn’t sound like BS to me. So you’re either 100% above board and had somethings mixed up, or you’re the best bulls**tter I’ve heard in awhile. lol I’m leaning towards the former after all is said and done and considering the controversy. THAT being said, even if you are full of s**t, I don’t believe that the majority of your guests are – they just can’t be. Ep 33, 53, 54’s guests off the top of my head stick out as very genuine – and that is scary stuff.

    The show is entertaining, informative, and well done at the end of the day. Keep to that formula and I think you’ll find continued success. If you make a pretty penny off of it, so be it – you put the effort in.

  23. Andrew O

    I’m not really sure that the forum area really works here, as it grew so quickly, and unfortunately went rotten almost as fast.

    I feel that the comments within the Blog and Episodes areas are a good place to say something relevant.

    Maybe instead of a forum, how about someone vet any stories/articles that that members want to share are put into this Blog kind of fashion, so we can scroll the stories left and right, and also could mean being easier to manage as that articles only appear once they’ve been looked at by a few dedicated people?

    Can you not combine the forum and this area together, so you (Wes), are an integral part of it to keep the peace?

    If the entire website was made into a forum, then that might be easier to police, as everyone is part of it?

    I didn’t visit the forum quite as much as the Episodes and the Blog, as I could keep up with them.

    Just my 2 British Sterling pence worth :o)

  24. mark s

    Totally agree with you Wes, I do miss the access to extra links and info. posted, but do not care for the rants, there was alot of great extra stuff to look at. Very cool I hope it all works out, I am game.

  25. diana m


    I guess there will always be paid trolls & attention/drama queens. Some species become extinct all by themselves….. with a little help from our friends.

  26. Papa - Yeti

    I know of another website, it started out very well, it has amassed many Site rules, and it has many threads of interesting topics. It has a form site and a form community section. 11 topics – threads in the unexplained Mystery section. A few with sub –threads for branch topics. Three books, Television, and media thread sections, of Science and space topics section; with five threads based upon Space exploration, spaceflight and astronomy. A number of 8 separate threads in the News, Politics and current Affairs. And another five separate threads covering General Off –Topic Discussion; Computers, Games and the Internet; a Writer’s and Artist’s hang out thread; Movies, Music (Posted Music videos), Books & Television Shows. And a Form / Site Help and Support Desk thread. The Site has 5,418, 856 Total Posts. – 125, 752 Total Members (it’s a free none pay site that gets its funding by all the non popup advertising. It sights Username of newest member (most all the 5,418, 855 members use allies such as I use here ‘Papa – Yeti. (which with a moderator always on site live keeps the personal death threats and stalkers 99 percent nonexistent. There was at one time a young lady that had an anther member (real live off line relationship and he turned out to be a Psychopath that was literally scaring the hell out of the young girl in his Psycho torments / Stalking. She had numerous restraining orders for ongoing harassments’ and she eventually dropped off the form as once active.

    – At top tool bar are the listed hot links to maneuver upon the site. Listed as – Home – Forums – Members – Calendar – Blogs – Gallery – Chat –“Rule” – Help -/. And a Search by topic box, just type in Storm of Werewolf and a page opens up listing all the treads of all the topics subject with the search word highlighted in yello with red font.

    -The form rules forbid and discourages on site affairs and relationships with other site members, but they happen some with positive results like marriages, some very negative. The Moderators are very stick in reminding members of the rules, giving warnings, deleting now topic posts, harassing post. The Moderators are paid, but most burn out fast and ask to have their moderator status and powers removed back to members. The site ran smoothly most people got along and still do. But being it is a Pseudo sciences, and science, which mostly classes sometime it get very ugly as Hard *** skeptics lean very heavy upon other members which goes far beyond Respect for those the Skeptics are very aggressively debating with, and that really depresses most all members following the topic to include the site many non member visitors aka Lurkers. The Site Administrator is not the actual forum site owner is a very polite, nice man, vary far as is (Wes), to us here at S.C, however he has always maintained a mystery as he stays back in the shadows always watching. There are presently 11 moderators for the site.

    -But the site member posting and participating members activity varies depending upon season, and school / college seasons. It can be very slow, where at times it can be very active. There is a bottom page link bar – a lick that shows the Moderators, by their user names, not real names. A link for: Today’s top Poster, a Over Top Posters, and link show the most liked topic threads. At bottom it list online on site active members list. There is a section to arrange your profile set – ups, to include signing in anonymously (unseen). . there are worldwide members. But there have been some serous site battles and blowups, where the entire site community feels it and is effected, and moral dives. Even with 11 moderators which usually have two or three moderators covering the entire site, but like I said they do go through the moderators, as it is very mentally taxing to monitor the bipolar

    – the span attacks, the fights – and having to follow the problem makers and more,

    – Having to ban people sucks, only curtain personality types can be a Fair yet Very capable to Give lone time out banning trouble maker from posting for a long time Weeks? Or more, and the so that’s a first warning, second posting time out and third Banned for live. And when problem people are banned for life some do change their Ips and try coming back incognito but are quickly dealt with. And so are double or multiple memberships. But many times members and moderators get tired of the negativity and hassles. Which is what Wes, is striving for. For every one of us paid members to be respectful, and self moderating. Respect deserves Respect. And personally If I was a Moderator or administrator, I would have instantly with no explanation given Nuke all the Members paid membership no refunds, and their paid prescription put into a site pot/ bank for promotional Annual memberships give out to Our Nations heroes, to single parents, to School children who win a Sasquatch Book report contest. And the people that **** all over Wes, giving him and his family personal attacks and those cowards, and pond scum that totally and publicly harassed and disrespect Pan P.R. and Miss Shannon Legro, would have been nuked instantly. Gone, and banded for life.

    -This site can be run respectfully and with self control to be civil and team members and contributors. Whereas if you’re combative, and or a ****, your instantly nuked. With site moderators hanging back as present and monitoring the posts and replies. Sure everyone has a bad day, but when it hurts many others and runes their happiness and day. You’re gone / nuked and it will be your own doing. We need at least one moderator capable of severing his or her conscience and be a site executor no problem, because they care about all the others who are here to have run and read interesting topics and to learn much without having to deal with hurtful, negative disruptive members. But respect and self moderation goes a long way.

  27. r v

    Do it. Moderate it. Allow reporting of abusers. Of course the trolls will be there, and I think many are g’ment. Bottom line, there’s no interactive communication in the comments section and we really can’t have these discussions with the muggles in our lives, so it’s a great outlet. It would sure beat the normal conversation direction we have now: “Great show.” Great show.” Good Show.” “Looking forward to the show.” “Can’t wait.” Great show.” “Great show.” “Great.” “I’m excited.” “Thanks for the show.” “Does anyone ever wonder if Sasquatch live in caves with underwater entrances, which would explain why we can never find them, 70% of all encounters happen in or near water, and they smell like wet dog?” … … “When’s the show start?” “Awesome!” “Great show.” “What time’s the next show..?”

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