Aug 2

This Thing Bent Down Over My Tent

A listener writes “I am a Tribal member with the Hoopa Valley Tribe and grew up here all my life, my homes about 20 miles from where the Patterson film was shot at Bluff Creek, during the summer of 2018 me a friend and her family decided to go camping at this little campsite off the mountain road of Bald hill.

It felt like nothing new when we arrived there, which we have camped before, at this camp site there is a tire swing and small creek running alongside the hill which has thick under brush on the far side of the creek against the hillside, everything was going great until about dusk time we started hearing this knocking sounds that sounded like it was coming from up the creek bed. it didn’t sound like a woodpecker more of a wood on wood knock.

It made my friends dad feel a little uneasy so he started making this string an can line around camp he used soda cans and put rocks in it so if anything walked on it it would make a sound. well after dark my friends mom felt uncomfortable and said she felt like someone was watching her which made us all feel uneasy so we decided to keep the lantern on and the fire built up, while we turned in for the night and my friends dad put the food in his pick up truck it was me in one tent by myself and next to mine was my friend her mom and dad in the other tent and thing were fine until I want to say about 2 or maybe 3am the lantern went out, when we heard a loud Whooping sound coming from one side of the hill that instantly woke me up that made me super scared cause it felt like it was getting closer, right after that our Lantern finally died out and as soon as that light went out we heard a thud thud and I could see a silhouette on my tent standing over my tent and this smell like garbage and dirty diapers.

I was petrified because this thing was so big it was not human and I remember seeing this thing bend down over my tent and its eye this yellow hue color, I could see through my tent, I cant explain the terror feeling and this thing grabbed my tent and lifted I like maybe a foot or less and dropped me and at that time my friends dad was screaming to get out of hear and shot his gun through their tent in the air toward my tent and the creature, bigfoot really didn’t seem to flinch but took off it took the creature like 6 steps and everything went quiet, We got out and built the fire back up and started breaking our tent down we hadn’t even rolled the tent up we just separated the poles from the tent and throw them into the the truck bed, and as we were doing this mind you t was pitch dark and we knew he was still close cause we could smell that smell still just as strong, and would hear a tree snap I still to this day have not returned to that campground site or even go swimming in that creek, they have taken bigfoot prints from there and other people in my community have said the same thing happened when they camp in that same spot its known to us as no mans lands now.”

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  1. Colleen B

    I think I’m done with camping unless we have a group of people we’ll armed camping with us. And that is questionable. My husband and I have moved to Northern Idaho from Eugene, Oregon in 2020. We have a bit over 5 acres of wooded property. We can still enjoy nature; see amazing stars from our secluded deck and fill pretty safe. Our neighbor across the road did say he saw huge bare footprints in the snow years ago but so far we’ve only seen, moose, deer and coyotes.

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