Aug 2

The Confessionals: The Bigfoot, The Witch, and The Dogman

Tony writes “In Episode 464: The Bigfoot, The Witch, and The Dogman we are joined by Erick Szilagyi from the uNcomfortable podcast.

Erick was connected to me by Joel from VanTesla, who has been a guest on Erick’s show several times. Erick comes to the table with many experiences to share, but it was his experience with a witch that kicks off the show. Erick was just beginning his podcast and got connected to a witch who was willing join his show for a conversation. Erick decided to meet up with her in person to record, and that meeting turned into dinner plus more. What then ensues Erick describes as one of the most bizarre nights of his life.

From Bigfoot coming close to their location, unexplainable vocalizations, unnatural hyper-sexualized tensions, to dogman guarding the witch and the witch herself physically transforming before Erick’s eyes! Needless to say, he has a jaw-dropping story. Following the initial episode, we decided to do an Overtime segment for members that lasted almost three hours! Erick shares all his other experiences and they are just as bizarre as the first hour, including a story that is so personally sensitive for him that we can’t speak or even hint about it publicly.”

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