Jan 13

This Is England’s Most Mysterious Forest

This is England’s most mysterious forest that scientists can’t explain. Today, we take a look at this mysterious forest in England that scientists can’t explain.

Located between the areas of Cannock, Lichfield, Rugeley and Stafford, stands a former royal forest that comprises a mixture of some of the most beautiful tree species and natural streams that have become a tourist destination in the modern day.

Though many regard this area as some of the best examples of the stunning beauty of England and the tremendous work and preservation put into an old royal forest to be enjoyed by future generations, there are others that are far more aware of the sinister reports that have begun to surface from the region in recent times.

5 Responses to “This Is England’s Most Mysterious Forest”

  1. Lisa B

    I don’t think large black cats or wives would scare me as much as a pig man or a black eyed kid! I think England/Scotland is full of weird stuff. I’ve wondered if the early settlers brought some of it to America.

  2. Stephen C

    I was driving up the hill out of Debden in Essex a few years ago in the early morning darkness when a Stag jumped onto the road in front of me from the forest to my left, foaming at the mouth and highly agitated .It stopped briefly then bounded into the forest to the left I had slowed almost to a standstill when a very large black cat with what seemed like short legs and an enormous curling tail appeared from the same place, landed in the middle of the road and then followed .It was very like a Jaguar.I stopped and revved the engine loudly beeping the horn at the same time to distract the chasing cat and make some cover noise for the deer which appeared a few seconds later fifty yards up the road this time bounding from left to right I kept beeping the horn and revving the engine to let it escape and never saw the cat appear on the road again.
    They have been sighted in Epping forest for decades and are seemingly multi generational.
    Do not camp there alone.. The thing I saw would take down a human easily.

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