Jan 13

Local Residents In Yukon Report Mass Sightings

From Real Eyes TV, local residents in Yukon report mass bigfoot sightings.Yukon is the smallest and westernmost of Canada’s three territories.

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  1. Elaine L

    Not to be a knit-picker but to be correct it should be noted that “residents in the Yukon Territory that’s located in northern Canada…”. The Yukon is a Territory that’s located next to the Northwest Territories both being part of Canada. 🙂

  2. Charles R

    A few years ago in the summer a report came out, forget where, about the Discovery Channel show Gold Rush that operates in Klondike of the Yukon territory. Someone from the Hoffman crew had seen one on the outskirts of their camp. I am a fan of the show and watched most episodes that winter, but never did this come out in the show, as far as I know.

  3. James C

    Thanks for sharing!!

    Long time Yukoner here. I’ve never seen one myself but there is most certainly a ton of sightings up here. I don’t know the numbers off the top of my head but I’m confident that sightings are quite high relative to our population. We are neighbors with Alaska and British Columbia, both of which are said to be sasquatch hot spots, so the idea of having sasquatch populations here or at least having them passing through here does make sense.

    There is a ton of habitat for them up here, and not a lot of humans to bug them. 482,443 square kilometers, less than 40,000 people living in that space, and most consider us to typically have the least harsh climate of the three territories.

    The Yukon as lots of natural food to eat (plants, berries, animals, fish), lots of rivers and lakes to drink from, lots of quiet forests to hide in, a variety of climates to try, and if it gets too cold the warmer pacific coast of Alaska is just over the hill. I would call it a very logical place to hang out if I were a sasquatch.

    Most of the first nations around here have lots of stories about sasquatch like creatures going back thousands of years right up until present day. Lots of different stories and different names from the different groups, but if you listen to their descriptions of the creature they seem to be fairly consistent.

    Yukoners tend to be a very active and outdoorsy bunch, so although we have a lot of big wildlife here (black bears, griz bears, moose, caribou, bison, sheep, deer, wolves, cats, etc), a lot of these people reporting sasquatch sightings are very familiar with how the “normal” animals look and behave, and are very sure they are looking at something different.

    If anyone here is ever interested in coming to the Yukon and having a look for sasquatch let me know I can help you out for sure.

    I’ve met with Red in person, super nice guy and very knowledgeable on the subject. Wes you should definitely consider asking him if he’d be interested in being on your show.

    • Charles R

      Thanks for that great explanation of your Territory James C. It sure throws a different light on what I thought of the Yukon, which has basically been based in and around the Klondike. I assumed the great cold up their ( I know there is a lot of permafrost ) would be a detriment to any Sasquatches wanting to make this place home. Seems I was wrong. I do wonder though if they may migrate to the warmer coasts once winter starts setting in.

  4. Greg O

    There have been several reports of mass (group) sightings. Surely they all did not lie or hallucinate but still isn’t enough proof. One account even had a mass sighting with video. A cub scout troop if remember correctly.

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