Mar 20

There was a source of a bright sky on Nov 16th and surrounding dates

I am ready to move on with the show and drop all of the nonsense around my encounter. There was a lot of light the night of our encounter. At the end of the day I cannot prove my encounter but I never lied about it either. I do not know anything about solar flares or the moon phases all I can tell people is it was a bright night and I swear there was a full moon.

I wanted to take a moment and thank Ken for researching this and sending it to me.

“There was a gigantic solar flare on Nov 16th 2012 in fact that entire week. There was global documentation of bright Auroral activity (e.g. northern lights) for the weeks around that time globally. Northern lights aren’t always a bright light show it can simply appear to be brighter out at times as if it was a full moon!  I study space weather for radiation damage to X-ray & digital sensors from these events seem to remember that date as a big flare day!  We wouldn’t allow products to ship or fly northern routes to Alaska and on to China and Japan during that period”

Giant Sun Eruption Captured in NASA Video


The sun unleashed a monster eruption of super-hot plasma Friday (Nov. 16) in back-to-back solar storms captured on camera by a NASA spacecraft.

The giant sun eruption, called a solar prominence, occurred at 1 a.m. EST (0600 GMT), with another event flaring up four hours later. The prominences was so large, it expanded beyond the camera view of NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), which captured high-definition video of the solar eruption.

In the video, a colossal loop of glowing red plasma erupts from the lower left of the sun, arcing up and out of frame as it blasts away from the star.

“The red-glowing looped material is plasma, a hot gas made of electrically charged hydrogen and helium,” officials with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, which oversees the SDO mission, explained in a description. “The prominence plasma flows along a tangled and twisted structure of magnetic fields generated by the sun’s internal dynamo. An erupting prominence occurs when such a structure becomes unstable and bursts outward, releasing the plasma.”

Friday’s solar eruption does not appear to be aimed at Earth, so will likely have little effect on our planet. But that was not the case earlier this week when a powerful solar flare erupted on Monday (Nov. 12). That flare registered as an M6-class


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  1. Robert P

    I knew there was an explanation to all that moon stuff. The trolls can go back under their bridge dwellings now that this is solved. You know I bet the show will be better than ever.

  2. LUCAS P

    I agree. Don’t let said trolls ruin a fantastic site Wes. You and Woody have my 100% support. As for Will….I don’t know what to say but he obviously didn’t have your back. Get another co host and move on.

    • Jason C

      I agree Lucas, Will just blew my mind and how fast he tucked his tail and run! What a selfish son of a bit*h that fake poser is. 40+ years in Sasquatch and has done what? Ive never even heard of the man until this show. But as of late i didn’t like his style, attitude and obvious in his voice during his last shows where he wasn’t even involved nor acted like he cared as he did before…..Hopefully he falls like the rest of followers, not leaders, like him. Maybe he’s hiding out with his so called Mr. Black….lame FUC*ER!

  3. Kathy S

    Awesome info… it’s a shame you were challenged and all this came about. Even though no one’s recollection is ever 100%, after all, we’re human, I never questioned your account, you see, in June of 2011 I found out I had an adrenal tumor which was removed some months later. At the time I was diagnosed, my adrenaline was 10x that of a normal person. Thinking back on the years prior to my diagnosis I realized there were symptoms for almost 30 years. Wes & Woody, your reactions during & after your encounter were classic high adrenaline incidences. Your inability to get the heck outta Dodge is how I felt for a number of years. Unlike you, I suffered from unexplained anxiety, lol, you guys at least had a very explainable reason. Keep up the good work.

    I’m so happy you understand that there are more people “for you” than are “against you,” those pot stirrers have a loud voice. I hope in your reformatting, you reserve the right to boot out those who do not care who they harm. And Shannon, please just consider the source… those hateful voices are not even real people. They are ghosts who hide behind their online anonymity… very hateful with no heart or soul. I hope you come back.

    Love you guys! ~Kathy

  4. Slim Steve

    Interesting. I live 25 miles away from Yacolt, Wa and have never seen Northern been lucky enough to see northern lights. I have a friend in Alaska that sees it a lot. Talk about a miracle. Awesome

    • bigyin

      She’s got sense, if a man cannot tell difference between solar flare and a big bright moon well the mmmmMonsters we’re just ordinary hunters out bagging a few!

      • Michael M

        We all so grateful you are the only one who knows the truth and the rest of us are all wrong. I see the light now, thank you for everything; the AURA that emanates from your righteous soul is overwhelming. We all are going to have to upgrade to very dark sunglasses.

      • Asheim

        Bigyin looks like we’re all choosing to move on. It’s called give the man the benefit of the doubt. And Wes was right. He could take a lie detector test and it would never stop there. He could never prove to the haters satisfaction their encounter was real. So on with the show. The petty people will fall by the way side in time.

  5. Chris T

    Wes, Woody and Shannon,
    Like so many others here, I just wanted to say that you guys have my unconditional admiration and support. This is not only THE undisputed best podcast on the subject of Sasquatch, but one of the best podcasts on the entire internet. The content you guys bring to all of us every week is consistently top notch. Like so many here, I eagerly await every update. I’ve never questioned the validity of your guys encounter and will always have your back and support you guys in whatever you decide to do. I know you won’t allow the haters and trolls to bring down or ruin something that so many of us love. I consider this rough patch as the perfect opportunity for you to morph Sasquatch chronicles into something even greater than what you’ve already accomplished…and I have no doubt that’s exactly what you’ll do. Cant wait for the great episodes coming in the future… RESPECT!!!

    • bigyin

      So these two idiots are now saying that they cannot tell difference between solar flare and big bright moon. And the best of it is the crazies believe them. Lied about the moon, lied about never sending emails to WASRT. Lie upon lie. It’s these sort of people that do more damage to the credibility of Sasquatch than anything else!

  6. Dave T

    Wes could go up to Yacolt mountain and drag the boogers he saw back down and make them verify if the encounter happened and it wouldn’t be enough for these clowns. Glad to see so many new members the last couple days. I recommend listening to episodes 1 – 86 before your allowed to badmouth the show or its hosts and say your canceling your $7 subscription 48 hrs into it. So pathetic.

    • bigyin

      I’m right here ya fool, you saying that a fully grown adult cannot tell difference between a big bright full moon, and a solar flare. Yet expects us to believe he saw bigfoot. Wes ” hold on Woody were surrounded by 4 Sasquatches what should we do.” Woody ” I’m going to turn car engine off and take a moment.” What a load of tosh!

      • Bruce M

        Bigyin answers to Troll? Enough said. I would love for him to be stranded on a dark lonely road and I step out of the woods. Me alone and I am a beat up powerlifter who can not bench press 600lbs anymore or dead lift half a ton. All I would have to do is smile and he would pass out and mess his pants. Mighty brave behind a keyboard. Punk.

      • Tyler D


  7. Kerrin C

    Glad to read this but I never doubted you. When you did the video you didn’t know what kind of trees those white ones were either – I figured you’re just not the most savvy country boy (no offense). In short, I never doubted you and besides, you’re the _very best technical producer of a podcast I’ve heard. Keep on Truckin’ (and Shannon, if your’e reading these, please come back. Don’t let the negative people in the world steal your dreams. That’s what they want – don’t you let them).

  8. Papa - Yeti

    Had you and your brother back, at 100 percent, as I never had doubted the credibility and integrity of you men.
    – Guys, Woody, Wes, it all comes down to ‘cones and Rods’. And to how long you had been sitting there in total darkness after the last moments of seeing with Artificial light sources, if the witch hunters were a little more Bright no pun intended. As the minutes click on by, your eyes become more, and more able to see in the darkness of night, its why Pirates wore the one eye patch. They couldn’t go below deck for more gun powder and supplies holding a flaming fire torch. They kept one eye adjusted to see in total darkness and the other un patched eye to see in daylight. Your night vision was greatly improved if your car lights were off for 30 to 45 minutes. None of this matter one way or another, but if you need to understand it there it is.

    -These Solar CME scare the hell out me, it has been hypothesized that it was a massive Coronal Mass Ejection from our sun that stripped away the atmosphere of the planet Mars. And in 1959 the same year Oregon became a State, was the year that the Carrington Event occurred, the massive geomagnetic store turned telegraph cables into a huge electric fence wires that caught fire burning down the supporting wooden telegraph poles and tree of which the telegraph wires were strung up, upon. It also produced am Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) that was seen everywhere in the night sky around the world, as the geomagnetic store hit the Earth’s magnetosphere head on the magnophere blow around the earth. And the Son burped off a massive geometric store of just the same magnitude in 2012, but fortunately it went on by, just missing the earth. And do not even want to speculate about what the lasting effect would be if the sun hit the earth with all that it has.

    -As far our human eyes ability to see in the dark of night, at the point of our eyes fully adjusting to the dark, it takes about 30 -45 minutes of absolute darkness, then how we see in the darkness is greatly improved, that is the point of which we attain the maximum sensitivity after exposure to a bright light source. So if you and your brother had been sitting there in the dark, all the headlights and artificial light sources had been off for 30 to 45 minutes talking about your personal lives, then sure, your natural night vision greatly improves.

    – Sasquatch if you’re in a group a light source can be used to decoy a position creating a moment lead for an escape or a reposition. But your chances of survival are very slim to none if you really piss them off.

    -I understand their Rages all too well, what fuels them, and why they’re so massively dense in muscle mass. I have been in the forests of Idaho, in the Mohave Desert, in the Inyo and Sierra Nevada mounts plenty of nights where I could see my surround environment enough to move around. As a new father, there is nothing more surprisingly painful as stepping upon sharp cornered plastic Lego, I swear at times I can hear my little 18 month old son un in his crib giggling as his dad steps up placed Lego minds, I now have. Done and over. Now its time to get back into the other Sasquatch encounters / attacks of other people.

    • Bruce M

      Papa, their is one thing worse than legos, and that is old matchbox cars. Not hotwheels, but matchbox cars are fire engines and police cars with tini sharp lights on them. The ladder fell off my sons fir engine and the truck was stuck in my foot at 4:00am when I was going to the bathroom. Staying quiet and dealing with that is a lot harder than you think.

  9. Natalie J

    I’m so happy for you, Wes. Many of us never needed any additional “proof”, but it must feel damn good to have it in a moment like this for a variety of reasons. It’s heartening to read all the supportive comments here. Such good people. I’m glad you’re all here.

  10. Nancy A

    I was curiout as to why Will did not go on the Texas trip. I had assumed that he had gone along with the rest of the crew when it was first announced they were taking a trip to an active area. I was surprised that he was not included. Any info as to why and might it have anything to do with his departure from the show?

  11. Janetta V

    Wes, Woody, you take to heart all of the good that has been written above. They are right! We all love your show and dear Shannon please come back. When glitches come in life, they are like bumps in the road, but you don’t stop driving. Just keep on and things will smooth out and get better. I can’t hardly believe Will would leave you hanging, maybe an explanation will come. You will find a new cohost that will be perfect. Good luck.

  12. matthew D

    You had me at…”The show will go on!”.

    But yeah, government trolls are kicking themselves for not scrubbing that nasa data, to reconcile with their cherry picked noaa data. Whoops trolls. Whoops.

    • bigyin

      So these two idiots are now saying that they cannot tell difference between solar flare and big bright moon. And the best of it is the crazies believe them. Lied about the moon, lied about never sending emails to WASRT. Lie upon lie. It’s these sort of people that do more damage to the credibility of Sasquatch than anything else!

  13. Al G

    See…..this explains everything……except why the haters and doubters were exposed as the trolls that they are. Put them in time out for thirty days at a time.

    • bigyin

      So these two idiots are now saying that they cannot tell difference between solar flare and big bright moon. And the best of it is the crazies believe them. Lied about the moon, lied about never sending emails to WASRT. Lie upon lie. It’s these sort of people that do more damage to the credibility of Sasquatch than anything else!

      • Bruce M

        Bigyin, I include you in this message to Wes. Wes, we are like family here. Sharing encounters that unites us in our cause. How about we give up on anonimous user names and post our real names and addresses along with contact information so we all can call each other, like Bigyin here, and share our feelings for each other on the phone, or better yet, in person. I think Bigyin would enjoy a visit from some of the podcast listeners, wouldn’t you Bigyin? I don’t work and I have all kinds of miles that I need to use flying. I think I will e-mail Wes and get your info first Bigyin. You and I could talk all about your experience Bigyin and maybe go camping together looking for the proof you need to show everybody that you are right. If you don’t tell me no, I will assume you are for the idea.

  14. MONTE M

    I try to get my friend to listen to the podcasts . I tell him to start with Episode 2 and 75 . He works at a place that manufactures advanced night vision ( would make Flir units available to the public seem like Happy Meal toys ) his hands are tied and he won’t risk his career to try to prove something he doesn’t believe.
    So yeah Wes and woodsy encounter is totally unbelievable to most but those people wouldn’t believe any story .It is an amazing experience and it does seem half ( no way really?) but I guess I believe it if Iam trying to get my friends to listen to it to get them interested and believing. I just believe it from listening to you two tell it in episode 2 . I can tell in my opinion that your being truthful listening to you tell it.
    You can’t let other people destroy you and what is the truth . People are such losers. They piss you off so bad! I would like everyone to come back , even Will . I understand your upset with him but he should be given the chance to come back cause I love him on the show he adds a lot and it was always good . Shannon these are probably guys trolling you . Guys can be such dicks F them guys .
    I was trying to relate this to my own personal experience where people had said false things about me . I wanted to explain how they were so wrong and believe me it was very hurtful . My wife and I purchased our first home in 94. Sold it in 2004 for a lofty profit . Took that money and built my own home – a very expensive home in a nice neighborhood . Took me 8 years to complete . People said I dealt drugs to acquire the house ! Talk about piss me off ! So I know how you feel ! And you are so mad and you know it’s not true that you want to explain to them how it really was . The real truth is you know the truth and they are the real losers ! F them ! And ROCK ON !

  15. Diane L

    So glad you found this info, Wes. I never doubted you either. It’s like an unbelievable lynch mob came out of nowhere, well orchestrated by certain individuals. Now that they have left, we can move on. Truthfully, although you held Will in high esteem, I think the show will do just as well without him.

  16. Andrew O

    As I’ve thought all along, your whole demeanour in your voices on the show you could not be making this stuff up. If it was a false claim, the story would gradually embellish over time as you’d be bored of telling it so many times, whereas the truth is actually incredible enough.

    Keep your heads up, and I’m looking forward to Ep 88 !

  17. DonRay

    Thank God… moving on……. I cant believe all those frigin idiots trying to get the SC crew and community to lower ourselves to their level… Haaaaaaaa!!! I hope you realize the support you have…… Ciao

    • Bruce M

      Stephen N. Your post is one reason I wish forums had a like button, and I hate Facebook having it! Maybe when I get Bigyin’s personal information, I will see if I have enough points to fly you with me to take him camping. (That is if his mommy will let him stay out after dark)

  18. bigyin

    Will & Shannon left with there credibility intact they both knew the score regarding Wes’s encounter. Wes please tell me why you lied about the emails you sent to WASRT, they have concrete evidence you sent them. I’ve seen them with my own eyes, you would really be amazed if you knew my true identity. Yet you continually lie and say you never. Believe it or not, but i friggin loved this show I couldn’t wait for the next episode i was hooked. But then something changed when it became a subscription show, lets face it Wes you fell way short of the 75% extra content that was promised. Before anyone questions that, i done a 2 hour review of all the shows. It never happened FACT! And now we have the solar flares, Wes are you honestly saying that you now cannot tell the difference between the full moon & a sun flare. I mean if thats the case then your monsters could of just been people out hunting why not! C’mon mate don’t take us for a bunch of idiots please, this is why people are getting pissed with you! Don’t you realise how silly you sound, when you throw comments around like these. Ah well some you just can’t win!!!

    • Kent C


      The fact that you’re still allowed to post here says something about Wes’ integrity.

      We all know what you think,……so you can cease with the multiple re-posts.

      Now why don’t you just go back to what you normally do. (…molesting small animals, or whatever.)

    • Bruce M

      We would be surprised who you are? Judging just from your grammer, I would say you are a 14 year old boy who is struggling with Ds on your report card. You are probably an adult, at least in years, living in the basement of your momma’s house. Your father left a long time ago and dispite what you mommy says, it was your fault! You have no real friends and the ones that you call friends only have you in their online friends list is because they are too lazy to delete you, and they have fun mocking you too much. I will not go through the obligitory virgin jokes because sadly, the closest you will ever come to a woman is online porn. You think of yourself as some kind of internet master but sadly again, you are an adverage surfer at best. You have joined a group here that represents a cross section of this country from professionals all the way down to insegnificant trolls like yourself. It is time for you to grow up and start respecting people. You will never have friends and will live a lonely existance for the rest of your life if you continue down the road of behavior that you are on. I truly feel sorry for you.

  19. Richard C

    Thank Wes and Woody for the show and continuing to move forward. As others mentioned, it’s unfortunate that Will left. If Shannon was being harassed by these dogs, I don’t blame her for her absence. You all worked so well together. I noticed that the same person has been posting the same negative thing over and over again, just like spreading “propaganda” and disharmony. Maybe you should have buttons on posts, where people could rate the post as “Constructive” or “Destructive”, after X many “Destructive” votes (same person can’t vote more than once). That person is no longer allowed to post for a period of time (long period of time … you have the final vote that determines whether they get locked out). Hey look at it this way, if they work for the government, if you can prevent them from posting this crap, but they’ll just keep buying more memberships, coming in under different names. Think of the money they’ll be spending with you! 🙂

  20. Gary C

    We are currently experiencing a solar flare, the northern lights which are normally seen in Scotland are being seen in northern England and the Midlands, so a solar flare is allowing the lights to be witnessed some 200-300 miles further south. Power of nature

  21. Jason M

    Intense solar flares, also called coronal mass ejections (CME) can reach speeds of 500 kn/second or about 1 million miles per hour. Even at that tremendous speed, a CME that happened on November 16th would not reach Earth (93 million miles from the sun) for about 4 days. Therefore no effects would be seen until about November 20th. Though this is within the “window” of time the that Wes recalls the incident, it actually gives more credence to the hypothesis that Woody’s recollection of the date is the accurate one.

    Having lived a good potion of my life above 45 deg north latitude, I can attest that the sky can glow with a very luminescent greenish color during sustained but weak solar activity.

    • Michael M

      And if Bigyin is from Down Under, he certainly has not seen the Northern Lights, unless he has been to the top half of the Northern Hemisphere at just the correct time. In NW Maine the Aurora is infrequently seen (I have seen it twice) and it is highly variable in color and intensity, few people are experts on this subject. If you have never seen it, and are not from the Northcountry, not sure how any credible person could be talking much about it. Bigyin is a joker!!!

      • Michael M

        Or perhaps Bigyin is from the UK, some of his words, e.g., mate, drivel, tosspot, give away his point of origin. Have noticed similiar slangs words from other Trolls, like “bloody” etc. May be the same guy or a small team. Jim D said they got him confused in the forums and tripped him up to use the wrong username. Liars usually lose track of their lies. Bigyin, you are way over your head. Who do you think you are messing with? Bigyin=Sad Joker!!!

  22. MilitantDanny

    Alright I’m late to the party…. is the question about Wes’s encounter that of whether there was a “Full Moon” or “Half-Moon” or “No Moon”? If people are dogging him because of a minor detail of simply claiming the wrong phase, but there was still a moon – this is really really really petty and you people should go suck-start a Glock.
    However, I live in the friggin’ Pisgah National Forest – even when there is absolutely No Moon and it’s a clear night, you can see relatively well all things considering when you are away from the background illumination of towns and such.
    Richard has a good idea regarding the use of votes that could incur the wrath of a Sasquatch Chronicles Ban-Hammer.

  23. Michelle L

    Can we get the poster Bigyin banned? He’s nothing but repetitive, negative and childish. I will throw in an extra $7 for the privilege of not seeing his drivel anymore. Anyone else agree? His 15 minutes of hatred need to be up NOW. Thank you.

  24. Richard C

    Not sure why I’m doing this… 🙂 But

    From the post above: Friday’s solar eruption does not appear to be aimed at Earth, so will likely have little effect on our planet. But that was not the case earlier this week when a powerful solar flare erupted on Monday (Nov. 12). That flare registered as an M6-class.

    +4 days = 16th of November, also it looks like they can on occassion travel faster (see below).

    From the Web:
    Travel Time
    The solar wind typically travels at 400 kilometers per second (250 miles a second), constantly bombarding Earth. Occasionally, a hole in the corona will shoot out a gust that moves closer to 800 kilometers per second (500 miles a second), possibly reaching Earth in as little as two days. The speed varies because gusts of high- and low-speed particles often interact. The speed of any given jet of solar wind depends on the composition and the interaction of the particles.

    • Theodore G

      Richard C. Thanks for posting this discrepancy. I had to go back and reread the article to figure out what I missed. If you notice that the author states “…does not appear to be aimed at Earth…” this is because he is writing the article the 17th, the day after the eruption on the 16th. He is speaking to a direct hit not a total miss. He did not say there would be no effect and in fact after a little bit of searching there was effects as can be seen on this website: If you go to this link and scroll down to the November 2012 section, you will see that there were northern lights witnessed in Scottland on the 1st, 12th, 13th, 14th, 16th, 20th and 24th of November 2012. The pictures show quite a spectacular display and are directly related to the eruptions spoken of in the above article. Further searching and I found other websites that post similar pictures and articles about the November 2012 northern lights as well as other spectacular displays that whole year around the world. Though this does not prove their encounter happened it does show that there were northern lights appearing on the dates surrounding and including their encounter.

  25. Linda H

    SC – Still no explanation is needed. Witnesses see what they see, read the discrepancies of witness reports. Or does Bigin want the say the whole world are liars?

  26. Asheim

    I live in Norway and can certainly attest to what northern lights do to a sky and the surrounding light seen. We live in the country and have no street lights. I have to use a flash light in walking the dogs on winter nights or you can barely see. But when we have had solar activity and those white patches in the sky of light, it really does give the impression as if there was a big moon and visibility is certainly enhanced.

  27. Asheim

    Bigyin, you won’t get any satisfaction. It’s your prerogative to believe what you will but for those of us that are big enough to give Wes and Woody the benefit of any doubts we are ready to move on and upward. If it makes you unhappy I suggest you do go back to doing whatever it is that makes you happy.

  28. matthew D

    Hey trolls, Go back to troll school. You failed, admit defeat. You can still go hang out with the other trolls at wapo, slate, hufpo, polotico, daily kos, nytimes, sfchron, etc. You can go kiss eachother’s butts and hyperventilate over how great hillary and obama are….at least that’s something.

  29. Michael M


    The truth is coming out. You can’t stop it, you bloody fool. I don’t think you’re daft, you just sound like it. Stop beating the dead horse; it is such a fool’s errand!! I know it is difficult to find a REAL job, but keep trying! Your desperation shoes immensely, trying to debunk this. You have failed and it looks you will the last to realize this, WOW!!!

    • Michael M

      Project Mockingbird is an old, worn out game. It’s not going to work anymore. The folks behind this waste of taxpayer $$$, are the joke, they will be the last to figure this out.

  30. MONTE M

    My sister had a night time sighting at Leech Lake MN . I asked her how she could see it at night? She was by a road ( open sky) and said the moon lit up the night we’ll and her eyes were also well adjusted. It is an interesting sighting because it stood there 70 ft off the road with its arms in the air vocalizing at her. It happened in the early eighties and she never told anyone until 2011 . Why …. Because she didn’t want people to think she’s nuts. At first I was like BS ! Cmon! She was serious and I could tell she wasn’t lying . I said what did it sound like! She said deloop deloop? Then she was scared out of her wits and ran down the gravel road towards our lake cabin. Closer to our cabin the forest ends and it opens up to cattail bogs where you can see for five miles or more.(Leech Lake was dammed by the army corpse of engineers and it made the lake much larger along the eastern shore is much bog with cat tails. There is no overnight camping allowed in The Chippewa National Forest on the Leech Lake reservation and probably off too? ) the creature was running away from her across the bog faster than anything she has seen on two feet. You can’t walk very well on that big I’ve tried it and it is very slow going . You think you would be able to but you just can not and a snowmobile just gets stuck like right now . You can’t snomobile it either. Anyhow I told her she should share the story on this show. She checked the show out but I doubt she will call in and tell the story . Reason being the Trolls . She doesn’t want to be publicly ridiculed. She’s a knower , it’s a wild animal that lives in the woods of Minnesota she saw it . It’s a unique encounter because it vocalized at her with its arms in the air. She’s my sister and she is not going to lie to me . You know who you can trust . You don’t know my sister or me but I know my sister and she’s not going to make up some BS lie to me and act like it happened 34 years ago …. No she’s not going to do that.why? She doesn’t feel the need to tell the world about it . I told her this show was different and the people on the show would respect her and her story . Sure for some weird reason people may lie about stories on this podcast but 1,000 people are not going to and the hosts are pretty good at weading out the crap before it gets on the show. I liked the show better when people did not have the ability to throw their two cents around and ruin it for everyone else. Losers!
    I work with two brothers who with their father and uncle had a Sasquatch come across the road in front of their vehicle . Just like a deer across the road didn’t even look at or acknowledge them . I asked em about the sighting . How far away – my Dad had To slow down to not run into it . What was it ? – not sure just know it was not a bear on two feet or a guy in a suit . Happened in the early 80’s in Minnesota on Red Lake Indian reservation . Very much out in the middle of nowhere .MN bog and cat tails on both sides of the road . Again I encouraged them to make a report of the sighting but it’s theirs not mine. They have no interest in reporting it or even talking about it . When people are willing to come forward and talk about this we are lucky that they are willing to do that , not everyone will . It’s these sightings , the respect the hosts have for the guest willing to share and the knowledge of Will , that make this such a fun, interesting and awesome show. The show must go on and is going to CHEER! I hope everyone on the show realises it is the best BF show and myself I hope everyone comes back on EVERYONE! Can’t let these A Holes ruin a good thing!

  31. Daniel L. W

    adrenalin,light flares,grief,waxing and waning moon…if i was in your shoes,after your situation my head would have felt like a used pinata!in any traumatic experience details mesh and blur,and it takes alot of time to sort them out!if you have ever been in a real “under wear changing moment “you know how it works,no matter if its a bigfoot, or a car accident,being mugged or what ever.we should all spend more time focusing on the subject we love than on petty b.s. wes,woody- i sincerely hope your telling the truth…i love the show,im passionate about the subject matter-but if the story is a lie than shame on you!! its not up to me to judge.i enjoyed the story either way.if it is ficticious i commend you guys for being so creative. i have seen a sass,when i tell people my story they believe me or not!!if they dont i dont sweat it!!!i know what i saw!i cant give an exact date(it happened when i was around 7 or 8)and my entire family thought i was telling a “fib”. its the nature of our beast! i hope this to shall pass and you guys keep doing what you do best…!remember when your on top you become a target.unfortunatly the bigfoot community is plagued with this petty b.s.,its no surprise were a joke to the rest of the world. As for shannon WTF!!!!! i never heard her make any claims?what makes you idiots on the hate train want to attack her?i often wonder what kinda parents these folk had that raised them to hurt.Shannon i love your stuff and hope you weather this storm!! keep on keepin on guys-dont make me have to go back rector!!!!!!

  32. Michael D

    Good stuff.i just want some sasquatch talk up and is starting to get better here and dying to yo get boots on the ground.been doing this for a long time ,don’t know how many more investigation trips I got in me so podcasts are the next best thing

  33. Daniel L. W

    also a couple of weeks ago when you guys were talking alot to police,about police stuff,then bob garrett and his m.i.b. stuff,etc.,etc. if i were a conspiracy theorist id say this is stereotypical government style game they play……you must of put a bit to much pressure on those toes you stepped shouldnt have messed with no shoes curly……

  34. Michael N

    Looking at past Weather for, California and the nation for November 2012 it was one of the WARMEST AND DRIEST NOV on record.
    Autumn 2012: 3rd warmest autumn on record
    Top 10 Autumn temperature anomalies
    1st Autumn 1995 +3.5°F
    2nd Autumn 1991 +3.2°F
    3rd Autumn 2012 +2.7°F
    4th Autumn 1999 +2.5°F
    5th Autumn 2001 +2.4°F
    Autumn 2008 +2.4°F
    7th Autumn 1903 +2.3°F
    8th Autumn 1967 +2.2°F
    Autumn 1917 +2.2°F
    10th Autumn 1988 +2.0°F
    Autumn 1987 +2.0°F
    Autumn 2003 +2.0°
    Good show Wes keep it up and let the Bigyin drown in his own sorrels and self pity.

  35. Kent C

    Hey! …..Here’s a thought!

    Maybe Wes should buy one of those old-fashioned Troll Dolls like they used to have back in the ’70s, ….name it “Bigyin”, …and keep it hanging right by the microphone.

    Then, whenever someone says something REALLY dumb, he can whack “Bigyin” with a stick.

    We could call the game “Whack-A-Troll”!!

  36. Andrew O

    Just having the name ‘bigyin’ is a Scottish term. I wonder if Wes knows of a prominent Scot in the Bigfoot community?

    He was using a lot of British terms and slang words.

    I would never want to get involved in any tittle tattle on here, or anywhere else, but if there was a lot of light in a night sky, you may automatically assume it might be a full moon, as it’s natural to think of that being the only explanation even if you cannot see it directly through the trees, etc.

    Sometimes nature throws a curveball!

    Then again, the Sasquatches may have used the brighter background ambient light to travel, and just came upon two guys in the wrong place at the right time!

  37. Steven S

    The road they were on was oriented southwest to northeast. After they turned back around to the southwest this would have put the light source behind and to the right of them. Did’t they claim the moon was behind them when they were looking at the bigger one?

  38. MICHEL P

    Wes i truly admire the amount of restraint and patience you have shown in last few weeks but enough is enough BAN THESE IDIOTS or at very least remove their ability to post. Anyone that has nothing better to do than stick around for weeks posting the same venom about how much they hate the place they spend a huge amount of their free time logged into is unknowingly documenting their mental sickness for the world to see.

  39. Robert D

    As the ‘encounter has gone several times on different shows, Yacolt Mtn. has ‘one road in, one road out’ The first two pics are of Yacolt Mtn. The third is Jack Mtn. which is ten miles east which fits their description much better than Yacolt Mtn.

    Having lived in Western WA for 18 years, I am very familiar with the Aurora Borealis (northern lights) and solar flare activity periods. A couple things to note are that even at the highest activity of the Aurora Borealis, it does not light up the sky, nor the earth beneath it in any way shape or form like the moon does in any phase.
    Also, the Aurora Borealis is a different color than any kind of moonlight.

    I’m sorry but solar flare activity that, ‘Friday’s solar eruption does not appear to be aimed at Earth’, produces Auroral activity will not, does not provide the kind of light described in the ‘encounter’ repeatedly.

    Traumatic or not, things aren’t adding up.

  40. Brian R

    I have been lurking and watching this circus. I have not commented. I don’t know Wes. I don’t know Woody. I don’t know Will, and I don’t know Shannon. One thing I do know is that you don’t form an opinion about someone or some organization based solely on a f#cking bigfoot story. Frankly, I’m 50/50 on most of the stories that have been shared here including Wes and Woody’s. I am always skeptical. Considering how fast the show has gained popularity I am surprised it took this long for it to be attacked. These attacks are a normal part of success these days so relish the trolls as they are a sign you are doing something right. I have chosen to listen to and pay for SC for my own reasons and they are mine alone. Those reasons remain intact. I have listened since the beginning of the podcast and I am still here. I say, on with the show.

  41. BTDT

    And here is where it starts, ban people who don’t toe the party line, you poor deluded groupies, so the story changes from “A very bright full moon right over the creatures shoulder” to “A very dim Aurora Borealis over the creatures shoulder”?
    Too bad you can’t make the “We called WASART, we never emailed them” go away this simply, seeing as they have over a dozen emails from you.
    This is now just another place where groupies can come and hear a spooky story, it obviously doesn’t matter anymore if they are true or not.
    You’ll never get another respected researcher to show his voice here again.

    • Kent C

      BTDT (…..or should I say “Bigyin”?)

      No……. you don’t ban “people who don’t toe the party line”: ……You ban people who can’t engage in a critical discussion without resorting to ad hominem attacks!

      Get it????? (…..probably not.)

  42. Kent C

    As long as I am sitting here in a “typing mood” I want to mention a few salient points:

    First of all, I think ALL Sasquatch reports need to be viewed critically. Anyone who has followed this issue for any length of time realizes that the majority of sightings are explainable by either miss-identification or the human mind’s hard-wired tendency to see patterns where they don’t really exist.

    Critical examination is not, however, a license to engage in Ad Hominem attacks and slander! ……Anyone who engages in such tactics invalidates their own position.

    It really is OK for some people to be skeptical of Wes and Woody: …..But if they can’t keep the discussion civil and professional, they don’t belong here. Furthermore, if they refuse to even consider the other possible causes for a “bright sky”, then they are obviously pursuing some personal agenda, and NOT engaging in a critical discussion intended to establish the truth!

    I am an amateur astronomer, and I am quite familiar with Lunar Phases and the “Northern Lights”: ……And I can assure everyone here that an active aurora can definitely produce a level of sky brightness equal to a full moon.

    I also know that even when a full moon is below a ridgeline or other topographic obstruction, (…from the point of view of a local observer) it will still dramatically increase overall sky brightness.

    So….. if a couple of guys (…who may know little or nothing about astronomy) are out in the woods, and they notice that there is more ambient light than expected, … is only natural that they might write it off to a “Full Moon”: ……Particularly if they were paying attention to something more important at the time!!

    Now, ….I don’t know Wes or Woody personally, I wasn’t there that night, and I live too far from the Pacific Northwest to comment on local sky conditions that evening: …….But I have heard enough evidence to convince me that their story CANNOT be invalidated based on the level of ambient light that night!

    • Kent C

      Richard W.

      So you live in the Pacific Northwest, and can accurately state that the weather was different than others have reported??

      How convenient! ……Because otherwise I would have to judge your “contribution” to this discussion merely by it’s content; ….And I would be forced to categorize you as just another troll.

      …..And BTW: ….Using the word “BWWAAAHHAAAA!!!” in a serious discussion does absolutely nothing for your credibility.

  43. Kent C

    Richard W.

    …….And one other thing: ……What’s with the photo of a NAZI officer associated with your name??

    Are you really sick enough to think that’s cool???

  44. Kenneth M

    For thosse questioning solar flares and Norther Lights as somewhat exotic sources of light, truth be told every night there is some level of auroral light and radiation. Sometimes its very dim, sometimes its bright, its in a state of flux(change) all the time and will intensify when there are increased solar storms – but it is always there.

    If you have been out at night you have seen auroral light – probably not recognized it. In solar storms it can be very bright or fluctuate. It can look like its coming from beyond the horizon or above – sometimes you think its light from a nearby town. Sometimes you don’t notice it at all.

    The rarer extra bright Norhtern Lights show is sort of an exotic thing, to look at but happens regulalry within the suns solar cycles. Whether it fits your paradigm or not – thereis evidence the sky was bright in many areas around the globe that night and many nights around that time.

    I’m sorry to point oand then the light can be very bright at

  45. James B

    Wes, Woody and Shannon,
    I’ve seen this crap before, Bigun and those with him are no doubt competitors trying to steal us loyal to SC or just jealous of your unselfish way you all operate SC. There is no reason to block idiots like Bigun and his compadres. If so they just change there names and operate from different ip’s. And to argue with them makes them happy. None of your loyal listeners are listening to these freaks, I guess you could call them true CRYPTID’s hiding in the shadows and nipping at your heals. You have a fantastic show, and thats something I don’t say lightly, your the first sense I use to listen to AM radio on patrols, with ART BELL over 25 years back.
    So I say Thank You, Wes, Woody and Shannon for the great work you do!

  46. Kathryn C

    VINDICATED!!!! I love it. You sure didn’t have to prove anything to most of us here at SC but it is SO cool that you can put this behind you after the the truth prevailed. Keep up the good work you do. Cookie

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