Jun 4

The White Monkey

A listener writes “A little background to put things in perspective…. I grew up very poor with a very abusive father. Growing up I would stay out as long as I could and would go into the woods and lose myself in nature.

I taught myself to track animals and learned all about game trails and how animals acted just by going out and watching nature for hours on end. I saw bobcats, learned to track deer and watched coyotes playing. I learned very early on to conceal myself well. I was about 11 or 12 when I started going of into the woods. I live in Maryland which is hardly a Sasquatch state lol. I didn’t know anything about Sasquatch at that early age.

Here’s the thing though. I was near the creek that I used to follow and it was maybe early afternoon. I can’t remember exact dates (I have memory lost due to military and war but that’s another story) it was around 1987 or 88…. I was walking the creek looking for crayfish when I heard a noise in a tree. I looked up and was probably 90’ in the tree and I was about 200’ away from the tree. Looking at me was this white little thing that was about 2’ in length and I didn’t know what to make of it. At first I though it was a monkey but there are not monkeys native to Maryland that I’m aware of. I thought ok it must be a squirrel but I have never seen one so big. It looked at me and noticed I was watching it so it went around the tree. I walked over to the tree to get to the other side but I never saw it again. I thought it was odd but being a kid I just went back to looking for crayfish, but it truly has just always stayed in the back of my mind as to what it could have been. After listening to your show and hearing there are white Sasquatch in PA I’ve always wondered if maybe I saw a little one. There have been several reports about these things in Maryland being seen so who knows.

The other one encounter where I saw something was in the late 90s. I left for work early because of my job. It must have been around just short of 5am. I was driving by this open field when I saw a really weird dog. Keep in mind I’ve been watching coyotes for a very long time, I know what they look like stalking and hunting. I’ve had German shepherds since I was 18 so I’m familiar with how a K9 moves. This dog though looked really weird. It was stalking towards the road I was on but it moved like a cat not a dog, seemed wider then a K9 and it’s head was really big and wide. I had never heard of a dogman at this time so I slowed down but in the end I kept going. That too has always stayed in my mind. Hind sight being 20/20 I wish I had stopped and really looked now.

So that’s not the only things though. My father had actually been a Christian minister but he was always a fire and brimstone guy. Very hard man but despite that it introduced me into another world. I do believe in a spiritual world and I’ve had many supernatural encounters. Here’s the part where you come in though. I now still live in Maryland but still in a rural area. About 400 meters behind the house runs a creek where I have found deer kills from coyotes and all sorts of animal tracks. We have had issues with a pack of coyotes and I used my German shepherds to control that problem. We have 4 German blood true working dogs and the male is huge and extremely territorial. I have really gotten into the whole Sasquatch thing and have really wanted to see one. So like and idiot I went on you tube and your show and started blasting sounds into the back woods from a Bose speaker that was pretty loud. This I started last fall (2021).

So about a month ago I got up to let my dogs out and feed before I left for work. At this time I was getting up at 2:30am to get everything done so I could leave by 3:20am. Well the dogs ate and I put them in the back yard as usual but the thing is they wouldn’t go off the back porch. Now the rest I’m going to tell you may be hard to believe but I swear I’m not making it up. For just a few seconds I heard something like the sierra sounds where they sound like chimps….. it was brief and it actually made me feel really uncomfortable. Now the other weird thing is maybe a couple of weeks ago during the week I was awaken around 11 something by some noises about 100 meters away from the house just in the wood line. I swear Wes it sounded like something beating on a tree…. Once I really woke up and came to my senses I realized that despite the noise being so strange and loud non of the dogs (which sleep in the room with me) were making any noise. No growls or barks, all awake but just laying low and staying quiet. First thing I did was reach for my phone to record but as soon as I grabbed it everything went silent. I kept listening but didn’t hear anything so I thought maybe it was a farmer doing something instead.

I then heard it again but it was much further away and my hairs went up…. I started recording from my bedroom without getting out of bed and I did catch some of it but it’s really hard to hear. I then came to my senses as I honestly did start to get scared of what it might actually be. From listening to your show and Les and all these people I actually just thought of reaching out in my mind. I simply said if that really is you I don’t want to see you and in the name of Jesus Christ I’m telling you to leave. I prayed for a long time that night Wes. I haven’t heard anything since and I haven’t had any weird creepy feelings either.”

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  1. Candice W

    We got INSTANT responses With The ANGRY PART of the SIERRA SOUNDS. 6 of us Were at the top of a Mountain here in MASSACHUSETTS IN the BERKSHIRES.. We opened all the car Doors Towards the Valleys & Turned the volume ALL the way up & Blasted The Creepy part of those Vocals & Almost Instantly had a TREE KNOCK DIRECTLY BEHIND US. Then The youngest person in our group Said (what’s that?) We all look to where he is Referring too . We ALL see a AMBER colored orb Come flying straight at us Over the MOUNTAIN tops & It kind of Just Stopped right in front of us & Then Moved With intent & Traced the tree tops & SLOWLY Lowered itself behind The trees to our left .. We Left Within 5 mins of that. I thought FOR SURE we were about to be abducted by aliens.. Now With all the knowledge From others experiences. I Believe it was Something SASQUATCH can do At WILL.. I believe it’s the (ENERGY CHI BALL) ..Ive done it myself We all can do it. It’s all about ENERGY & Calming the mind & Lots Of concentration.

  2. Linda H

    UTube: This Scientists Revealed They Created The World’s Most Powerful Chimpanzee Inside This Lab

    Don’t believe everything you read; It happen decades ago. Probably just another ruse…

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