Jun 4

Do Ouija Boards Work?

The Paranormal Scholar writes “Do Ouija boards work? I rarely discuss my personal opinions about the paranormal. However, a lot happens behind-the-scenes. I do a lot of personal research and hands-on exploration, and so, on this occasion, I wanted to give you an insight into some of that, specifically my recent explorations into Ouija boards…”

2 Responses to “Do Ouija Boards Work?”

  1. richard r

    seen it so many times, people get drawn in then later the real culprit is revealed leaving the person sorry later to have believed in it.
    its kind of like gambling, you win a few times then chase that high until your addicted and cant stop. almost need a therapist to fix it. i think it attracts a certain type of person like that to pull out the board again and again like her.

    • Kevin C

      Yeah I have known of it going bad more than once. I have a strong spiritual sensitivity and I get very bad vibes just getting close to one. Back when toys are us was still in business, I would avoid the part of the board game isle where these were sold because it would hit me like a hammer when I would walk by. That was before I knew hardly anything about them and never paid attention to the in films. So it wasn’t a Hollywood influence, I just knew with every ounce of my soul that these were wrong.

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