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“The Watcher”


El Paso County, Colorado
Colorado Springs Early 1990’s

I am currently deployed, so I won’t give you my name or where I am deployed at the moment, please do not list my email and do not reply, I don’t know if my mail is read or not and this business is not something we talk about over here. But as kids at the Academy, most of us knew about it.

The story you have there about the cadets and that bigfoot in Jack’s Valley are true. It was known in my class at the Academy as “the watcher.” The moniker was given to the resident bigfoot because every now and again alert cadets reported seeing the thing watching the cadets from the western edge of the course and often let itself be seen. Almost like it couldn’t stand not being a part of the action, or maybe it was lonely and curious.

Truly I don’t know if it was always the same bigfoot or not, but to myself I presumed it was, it looked the same everytime I saw it (about 4 times in the years I was in the Springs) but could have been a different individual. Most of the time it would be in the same spot for hours, apparently curious about us, or maybe we were entertainment. Who knew?

To my knowledge, it was reported often and matter-of-factly but we were never told to keep quiet about it, but I do know many of us knew it was a resident of Jack’s Valley and said nothing. The Watcher was not there every time I was.

We joked about it among ourselves, like that’s what you end up looking like when a cadet flunks out of the academy!! Stupid stuff like that. We never thought of it like we would a bear, it was more like a man with a shoulder span that was enormous and very black, sometimes just a shadow that moved.
In the sunlight, it had a heavy coat of fur, slick like a bear, stood around in the tree line most the time just like any man but this man was butt ugly. The report you have on your website mentions hearing screams, that is probably exaggeration or a scare story!! No way I could have heard anything in my quarters.

I didn’t have too much time to think about it while I was there, it was never general conversation, it was 15 years ago now, and of course the the Jack’s Valley Watcher was like a local mascot, we talked about it and pulled some rank bull shit pranks, but this story was true.

What I find surprising is that more isn’t made of the situation. Nobody cared back then, it was just there, and most stayed pretty squared away with it, no sweat, you know? It wasn’t headlines or anything of particular interest back then like it is today.

There you have it, I wonder if the Watcher still exists at the Academy today.

Source: bigfootencounters.com

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  1. Gareth M

    Really interesting.. With the caller in Ep.75, Will mentioned that They probably know that guns are bad news.. (That’s to say They don’t know exactly what guns are or how they operate). Just like most intelligent mammals know how far is too far to make a safe jump..
    Maybe it just watched because it didn’t feel comfortable seeing such high numbers of organised armed personnel??

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