Jan 13

The Mystery of the Upside Down Tree


In different areas of North America, people have found trees, big trees, that have been uprooted and shoved back down into the ground in an inverted position. Does bigfoot cause this, or is there some other explanation?

One photo on that site shows an upside down tree found on top of a ridge in Northern Colorado. It was located near an old burn area and the site says, “This is Sasquatch related activity mainly found in the West, Canada, and Alaska.” The upside down tree is estimated to be about 30 feet tall and looks as if it has been in that position for awhile. As noted on that site such a feat would require either machinery or a phenomenal amount of strength.

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  1. Nicholas R

    This is a weird phenomenon. I don’t know if we can attribute this to Bigfoot? It’s possible it’s the result of freak blow down after a storm, where a tree blows over during whole gale and is planted upside down into the ground. This might sound absurd but high speed winds are known for incredible force; driving 2×4’s through trees like a hot knife through butter, etc. One hurricane down in the southern states documented this very occurrence.

    What I’m more interested in, is how far down into the earth the trunk penetrates? If it’s only 3-8 ft maybe the result of wind but if it’s 20+ feet of trunk then we have to look for other answers.

  2. BrokenMind27

    Not slamming anyone answer or thought but I don’t know if Alaska gets hurricane force winds. Maybe they do, even if they do to blow a tree into the ground ?? I don’t see it happening. Of course we can’t just assume sasquatch doubt but if I had to bet on it – I would bet on sasquatch.

  3. Kris W

    I just went thru hurricane sandy a couple years ago here in the pine barrens and there are no upside down trees in the forest. I will say the wind especially microbursts snapped giant trees like twigs but the roots come out of the earth on one side and the other side some stay buried. During the derecho that year before sandy we had 150 mph bursts of wind. And the ground was soaking wet from rain the day before. Tons of trees uprooted but none snapped all the roots flipped upside down and stuck themselves in the ground.

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