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Lost Ancient Race of Texas-Some Enormous Individuals-Thousands of Skeletons Found

Big doings in ancient Texas. Several hours drive from this site where thousands of skeletons were found in the year 1900 buried in some ancient Texas city after some great deluge is Rockwall Texas named for a 20 mile long megalithic wall (or a natural one). See: Don’t Mess with “Prehistoric” Texas? Prehistoric, Megalithic Construction in the Lone Star State http://s8int.com/phile/page55.html
The giant skull at the top of this blog post was found in Victoria County, Texas in 1940. The headline included “Believed to to be the Largest Ever Found in the World”. The article claimed that the skull was two times normal sized. We included it here to because there were no pictures with the story below but it was also claimed that some enormous skulls were found at a site not too far away as the chevy pickup goes…Are any of these items, the giants an the rock wall connected? Who knows-but the history in your textbooks is probably far from accurate.

The Sunday Inter Ocean
September 28, 1900
Lost Race of Texas
Prehistoric City Near Galveston Engulfed by Tidal Wave

“Relics of a prehistoric race were discovered in Galveston Texas just previous to the storm that flooded the city.

Nearly 2000 human skeletons were found and scientists who examined the evacuations had just give an opinion that and ancient city had been submerged by tidal wave that drowned all the inhabitants when the calamity of centuries ago was repeated.

The bones were discovered in a search for relics for the archaeological exhibit at the Pan-American exposition which is to be held in Buffalo New York next summer. The skulls are beyond a doubt several thousand years old and the character of the people who occupied the coast of the gulf at this period is an interesting subject for speculation.

Whoever they may have been and whenever they may have lived the remains found show beyond a question that some terrible outbreak of a nature causes the sudden death of thousands of these ancient people and their burial in the strata where by chance they were exhumed by the people of a far distant age.

It was a very short time ago that the evacuations were begun which resulted in the singular an extraordinary discoveries. The finding of the remains in the first place was quite accidental. H.J. Simmons superintendent of Arizona and New Mexico railway was making evacuations along the lines of the railroad near Clear Creek, Galveston County when bones were found in the earth removed.

On examination of the contents of the steam shovel skulls and human teeth were noticed and further search lead to the discovery of skeletons of whole families together with ivory beads and other objects of human handiwork. Realizing the valuable and scientific character of the discovery a systematic search of the strata in the vicinity was made.

Geologist say that the whole section of the state was once covered by the Gulf of Mexico. The idea at once came to Mr. Simmons that in the far distant ages a tidal wave had occurred at the time the golf covered more of that part of the country then at present and that these bones were the remains of thousands of human beings who had been drowned in the overflow of the waters of the gulf. His story was later upheld by leading scientists.

Evidently these people were not mere barbarians living in temporary abodes and having no permanent abiding places. The number of the skeletons in their close proximity to one another in indicates that there existed here a populist community and that in some faraway age a people devoted to the pursuits of industry and more or less skilled in the arts we’re here living in the city having institutions of government and social customs and some degree of civilization.

…….Skulls of Great Size

Some of the skulls of these prehistoric Texans were of enormous size and the majority of them had rather low foreheads. A singular fact observed was that while all of the teeth were considerably worn showing the use of hard food and the age of the persons there was in no case the slightest indication of decay a quite different situation from that observe in relics of more modern but still pre-prehistoric Indians among whom dental caries is comparatively common.

Several thousand skeletons were removed in the process of evacuation. 1500 were actually counted in the first part of that evacuation and doubtless several thousand more were removed. As a rule they were soft and damp when they were first uncovered but many became fairly hard after being exposed a while to the sun. No bones of children were found and this was accounted for by the supposition that they had all decayed

…The situation of this remarkable archaeological discovery was a deposit of shell gravel and sand in a bank consisting of all about 30 acres nearly surrounded by Clear Creek. This deposit consists of seven distinct strata each about 3 feet thick and between each stratum there’s a deposit of silk or earth from a quarter of an inch to an inch of thickness. On top of the bank the soil was almost 8 inches deep and large live oak trees grow thickly over it. It was one of the last places to which one would go looking for the remains of a prehistoric race.

No two of the strata are exactly alike some having a larger percentage of gravel and others and the shells also vary.

The exhibit of these bones in ethnology building of the Pan-American exposition at Buffalo will be a most valuable one in view of the wind interested cited by the fate of thousands will pierce recently in the same part of the country in the same way.”

A puzzle for the “antiquarians was that the bodies were found in abundance in one level and then again in another level 21 feet lower causing some to suggest that perhaps there had been two “tidal waves”. S8int.com



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  1. Mr.Crypto

    I live a few miles from rockwall (garland) and a friend of mine took me to the wall site one day years ago to the east side of lake ray hubbard and showed me a small shed in a field and said it was an opening to the rockwall cave system of which supposedly runs across and under the lake and was covered up when the lake was made. It was a small shed with a locked door but we surely didnt try to open it. One thing interesting was, my friend had 2 stones from the wall he had found and he gave me one. It was rectangular and about 18 inches long by 8 x 8 square.. i kept it for years and i may still even have it.. Also my friend went on to tell me that these stones have been examined by several universities and are not from this area and they also said they cant identify what they are made out of.. they are the color of sandstone but thats all i know. As far as the story he told me i cant say if any of it is true but i did or do have this stone which i used as a tire chock many times.. if i can find it i think im gonna put it in a glass case or donate it to rockwall somehow.. I just thought i would share my story with you all.. Everything i witnessed is true but the backstory from my friend i cannot vouch for but it sure was an interesting day. He also told me that the city of Rockwall was named after this mysterious wall .. Im not sure but it would make sense.

    Regards, H

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