Jan 14

Dax Rushlow’s recent field work and photos

Evidence mentioned on the last edition of Show Notes.


Salt Fork State Park 2014. Dax is taking the video, and Walter Tippie is casting the tracks.

Pittsburgh, New Hampshire-photo taken by Dax, while snowmobiling with his wife. 18 inches in length.


Photos taken by Dax while camping in New Hampshire, 2012. The second, is the enhanced version of the same shot. He did not see the figure at the time the photo was snapped, but did hear it moving away from camp.


430 Responses to “Dax Rushlow’s recent field work and photos”

  1. Farrell Stormcrow

    They have enhanced it. The ‘head’ actually blends in with the background. I can do the same thing, but its no where close to as detailed. They have darkened the area around the ‘head’ to make it pop.
    Not saying they doctored or added any real detail, just making the area stand out more. If you take the first photo of the tent, and crop and enlarge it, you can see it pretty well. Two ‘eyes’ and what appears to be a head.
    Inconclusive for sure, but still, interesting.

  2. Robert D

    I’m with Farrell, I was able to enlarge it pretty big and there is definitely a head with two eyes shining there. I’d like to see the original photo if possible without BFRO’s ‘enhancements’ though.

    I’m definitely not into ‘enhancements’ when it comes to Sasquatch photos/videos. Too much emphasis can be placed on whatever the person that enhances the media wants folks to see.
    Other than enlarging or attempting to take away some ‘shake’ from the photo/video, ‘enhancements’ are not valid in my opinion, not to mention that I think the BFRO is either a joke or a disinformation outlet.

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