Jun 26

The Most Incredible Bigfoot Encounter Ever Told

YouTuber Bob Gymlan writes “I met with a witness to bigfoot in the spring of 2019. Nothing could have prepared me for the story I heard. I have been struggling with this video for literally years, but I figured it’s time to just do it one way or the other.

All the Illustrations in this narrative are drawn by the witness himself, Randy Cutrara. He was only ten years old when this all went down, so the drawings were made to help him understand the experience. He refers to this incident as the Monster of Morse Lake.

I decided to break this video into two parts. In this video, I go over the narrative. In part two, I let Randy tell it in his own words.

This is the most unbelievable story I’ve ever believed. I don’t feel like I’m skilled enough to do this story justice, but I tried my best, and sometimes that is the best a person can do.”

33 Responses to “The Most Incredible Bigfoot Encounter Ever Told”

  1. Ed A

    It’s funny when you listen to the story and think of the alien from Predator. When did he start telling this tale? Predator came out in 1987.

  2. Lynn F

    I’ve corresponded with Bob directly and he seems to be a heck of a good guy. A guy that into Bob Dylan and Sasquatch gets points for sincerity in my book!

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