Jun 26

A Surveillance Video Of Two Alleged MIBs

A surveillance video of two alleged MIBs entering a Sheraton Hotel lobby on the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls.

The alleged MIB entered the hotel on May 15, 2009, and asked to see the general manager, who with a fellow employee working security for the hotel, had witnessed a triangle shaped UFO fly slowly and silently over the hotel seven months earlier, on the night of October14, 2008.

The UFO sightings
The two hotel employees described the craft they witnessed as approximately 240 feet long, with three white lights on all three sides, and a pulsing red light in the middle of the object. They observed the UFO for about 10 minutes as it slowly and silently flew at an altitude of around 500 feet, east to west, from over Niagara’s Horseshoe Falls toward their hotel. The craft emitted a beam of bright, white light directed downward toward the water. As they observed the craft, the light beam shifted direction and aimed directly at the two witnesses, which frightened them.

About a week later, the hotel manager was alone in the hotel parking lot at one in the morning, when he noticed another black triangle flying in the same direction but at a much higher altitude.


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  1. m99

    Yeah, I’ve heard the MIB are a type of alien manifestation. I have never hear any of them has alopecia or blue eyes, even identical to each other. Weird. Hope you have this guy on Wes. Thx. _m

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