Mar 12

The Gugwe and The Dogman

Mattsquatch Presents writes “Let’s look at the differences between these two horrifying creatures. The Gugwe being some sort of a carnivorous Bigfoot with a snout and the Dogman being more canine in origin.”

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  1. Lewis S

    Gugwe is North eastern U.S. and Canada. Shampe is the Choctaw name for similar monsters. Genoshkwe is more known as stone coats. The legends go back for ever, and the world has shuddered from the beginning of history. Dogman is just as old in lore.

    • Wolf W

      Such as?
      The Gitas often mention ‘Rakshas’ (commonly translated as demons by westerners) but I cannot ever recalling ‘gods’ being blamed for their existence?
      They are referred to as natural creatures, not ‘god-created’. If I am wrong, please correct me (it has been years since reading them).

  2. Bal G

    Dude can’t go over 6 minutes with any of his entries. Heck, he used to go near 10 just a while back. He’ s like. New York Jets head coach with a placard around his neck that reads ” geeeeze!!fire me already” I’m sure he means well, but it looks like he just cuts and pastes youtube shows from different encounters. Absoulutely nothing original. Maybe you know him Wes, but still pull the plug on him. And oh yeah, that corny intro music sucks too.

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