Mar 12

Tree Structures Discovered

ModernGalaxy writes “Bigfoot does leave some psychical evidence of their presence for humanity to find. Here are some of the best tree structures ever found.”

6 Responses to “Tree Structures Discovered”

  1. Scott B

    These structures seam to take a lot of work for the Sasquatch, some not so much. If they are putting all this effort into making them, it must be some form of communication. I don’t know, only guessing. If we somehow could find out, we would better understand the creature. But it’ll have to be left to speculation. Thanks Wes!

  2. NW Mike

    The late Ray Crowe believed that the BF had a spiritual belief system. If they are human/proto human/hybrid why couldn’t they have abstract thought? That is what language and art are, symbolic communication. Stick structures seem to be an expression because I don’t see an practical purpose to them. The “teepees and huts” won’t actually protect you from the elements. The treetrunks bent and leaned together don’t seem to be functional items. What are we left with? Abstract symbols. Now we just need one of the forest folk to explain it to us.

    • Amy H

      I agree Mike. Natives all around the world have built structures for/as communication. Some are warning symbols, territory markers, homage, gifts to unknown deities, trail markers, resource markers, and other reasons. It’s impossible to known but these are made for reasons.

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