Mar 13

World Bigfoot Radio: Skalkaho Giants

Duke writes “Our guest this time is Idaho native Richard Williams who discusses his bigfoot experiences, as well as explaining the first Skalkaho trek!

Giant tree structures and tracks, and a possible Mountain Giant range found, we also discuss the Gugwe and Wendigo”

7 Responses to “World Bigfoot Radio: Skalkaho Giants”

  1. Alice F

    I remember a harrowing experience just with how the narrow the dirt road was over Skalkaho pass back in the 1960’s in a weekend family drive. It did then and still does cut through wild as wild can be.

  2. Wolf W

    I wonder if mountain Giants are a result of the interbreeding with humans causing the growth inhibitor gene to switch off?

    Regarding brain size, I find it very interesting their brains appear to lack large frontal lobes but make up for it with the rear, where long term memory is stored. From memory I think MRI scans of alleged psychics show increased activity in the rear area of the brain as well? I’ll have to look it up…

  3. Shirley S

    Wolf, I don’t think it’s that simple. There’s no one gene to switch off. Growth and development are achieved through the actions of hormones working in a feedback loop, various blood factors, etc. Multiple genes are involved, as are environmental factors. Too much or two little of the hormones results in pathological conditions.

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