Jun 26

The Dyatlov Pass Incident: New Documents

The Dyatlov Pass incident remains one of most baffling unsolved mysteries of modern times. In 1959, Nine Soviet University Students embarked on a hiking excursion… and never returned. The bodies were found weeks later under various mysterious circumstances, and the official cause of death was listed as an “unknown, compelling force”.

Years later, with the help of the world’s foremost investigators like Theodora Hadjiska, Josh Gates aims to shed new light on of one of the coldest cases of all time.


New Documents Cause Russian Government To Reopen Mysterious Case
Josh Gates uncovers documents that contradict the details of the Dyatlov Pass Incident, due to this new find the Russian government reopens the case for further investigation.

10 Responses to “The Dyatlov Pass Incident: New Documents”

  1. Eric S

    They took a picture of the yeti that done for ’em! Come on… the yeti opened up the tent flap and came in to get them. The two fellas found in their underwear managed to cut through the tent wall to escape while the yeti ran roughshod over the other seven hikers. Maybe some of them tried to fight back were too perplexed and frightened to do much. The yeti injured a few, killed a few then carried off the dead and came back later for the wounded, also killing and carrying them off to where they were eventually found. Probably the two guys in the snow in their underwear were in too much of a state of shock to realize they were going to be killed by exposure… which is just what happened. They probably heard what was happening to their friends.
    Probably for the yeti’s part it was a territorial thing. No trespassers!

    • Connie O

      They found a camera with a picture of the Yeti. If I remember correctly it was taken by one of the girls the day before they were killed. It’s a full shot of the Yeti, and the girl wrote something like “the hairy man is real”, or something like that. It was pacing them. This Yeti looked like it was nothing to mess with. The picture was either part of a documentary or something like that. The Yeti, killed them in horrible ways. It was really bad. The details are gruesome. This was a horrible tragedy. Very, very scary. I think Russia had the military up there, in my opinion, to try to find the Yeti, and kill it. Unless someone found the Yeti, I don’t think this will ever be solved.

  2. darren w

    This was definitely foul play. Someone or something entered their camp with ill-intent – hat much seems blatantly obvious to me – but I don’t believe for one second this case will ever be truely solved.

  3. Megan C

    The autopsy reports of injuries make it appear as though some of the men were crushed while others may have been thrown up in the trees. The reports on each body is absolutely fascinating.

  4. Charles R

    I watched this two part episode last year, as Wednesday night is Josh Gates night for my wife and myself. There is no picture of a yeti,
    the photograph is clearly human with human proportions when looked at closely. My best guess is these kids came onto some government program or experiment in this trek and it may have involved new type of missiles or something of military importance that the authorities could not allow information of to become public and reach US intelligence. So they dealt with it by destroying these kids in a way so bizarre that the truth could never be known and lead investigators and the outside world down many rabbit holes. The old USSR was more than capable of such atrocities and human life meant little to those in charge.

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