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The creature was just out of reach of the flash lights

A listener writes “I’m writing because I took my kids camping this week during their spring break. We were at a private camp ground (a farm) in Cross Creek, FL in Alachua county about 15 miles south east of Gainesville near Paynes Prairie State Park.

We were there for 3 nights and on the 3rd night (3/17/17) we had an encounter with what we believe was a Sasquatch as we can find no other explanation. The encounter lasted about 20 min until we felt unsafe and scrambled to pack up camp and leave at 2:00am.

I was there with my 2 teenage daughters and one of their boyfriends. Jordan, the boyfriend, had the best view of the creature and has much more detail about what we saw than the rest of us.

The encounter began with movement in the woods about 25 yards from our campfire. I honestly wasn’t paying much attention to it as I was getting ready for bed and we all thought it was an armadillo until they saw the eyes. At first the eyes were low to the ground (about 2′ high) and were the size of racket balls about 6-7 inches apart and the color of a green glow stick. When he saw the size of the eyes and how far apart they were we all thought it might be a bear so all 4 of us went to the tree line with flash lights.

When Jordan first spotted the eyes he was sitting in a camp chair he then stood up from his chair (Jordan is 6’4) to get a better look and this creature rose with him. The eyes were easily 2 feet taller than him. It was at that point that we started to get nervous because if it was a bear it was a huge bear. The creature was standing behind a tree and was swaying from side to side as if playing peek a boo and would disappear for a few seconds and reappear some where else.

The creature was just out of reach of the flash lights beam so Jordan asked me to turn my truck around and shine my high beams in the direction of the eyes. As soon as I did that the creature released a palm frawn it seemed to be hiding behind and bolted to our left. When this happened Jordan caught a glimpse of an arm (forcep, bicep and shoulder). He described it as dark brown with some black hair not fur about 3″ long as it hung off of the arm. Jordan then stood on the picnic table to see if he could get a better view as we heard it crash through the brush and then what sounded like pacing. That was enough for Jordan and he quickly got into the car with the girls and I. We sat there for a few minutes with the windows down and listened. Once it got quiet we decided no one was willing to sleep in the tent that night and 4 people plus a 90 lbs dog in my Tahoe would make for a very uncomfortable night, not to mention the anxiety we were all feeling so we decided to pack up as fast as we could and leave. I’ve never seen 3 teenagers move that fast in my life. We had the car loaded in 30 min.

Jordan decided to take one last look to make sure we weren’t leaving anything behind and that’s when he spotted the eyes again except this time it was behind a big Palmetto bush about 10 yards or so from the camp. Jordan walked briskly back to the truck and said we need to leave right now.

As we were exiting the farm we had 2 windows down holding a trash bag on the roof of the car as it didn’t fit inside with us. The creature paced my car through the woods and howled, it was close but still within the tree line out of site, then to my right as we passed a blueberry patch we heard a really bad owl sound that began as an owl but then it’s like it’s voice cracked and became a low pitch grumble. Then the creature on the right which was pacing the car returned the same weird owl sound followed by a whoop a few seconds later. I couldn’t drive fast due to the twists and turns of the road and when I finally had a straight away which was also a better dirt road and I gunned it to the highway.

On a side note about a year and a half ago I was on an expedition with the BFRO and had a very unusual experience with glowing eyes piercing through my tent wall which illuminated the inside of the tent as if someone were texting on their phone in the dark. I’ve listened intently to all 300+ episodes of your show and have only heard 1 other person describe a similar experience, so I’m not sure what that was but it was creepy.

If you’re interested we’d like to share our story with you.”

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  1. m99

    ~ 25 Yards = 75 feet
    ~ 10 Yards = 30 feet

    ~ I can’t relate to “yards” guesstimates. Hearing it all the time & have to stop and think, how many feet is that?
    Well, with it staring at 75 feet, then pacing at 30 feet = It’s get the heck outta dodge time!

    ~ Howls, hoots, grumbles, and whoops, accompanied by glowing green eyes? Who the heck needs to ‘see’ proof?
    That’s proof enough for me! And what about the green glowing eyes when they went on a BFRO expedition?

    Just one more example of they way SC makes this show pertinent, as a place for witnesses to share their encounters! Hope they are on your podcast soon, Wes!

    • aleta d

      I agree with the “yard” vs “feet” statement. I sometimes wonder if they are using them interchangeably. Because 90 feet isn’t that close.

  2. Kathryn C

    I think the scariest part was when they were leaving and there was bigfoot on both sides of them. That almost seemed more like a hunt to me. I’m sure glad to know they got out of there alright. Hope they tell the owner of their experience

  3. Nicole M

    Sorry for the confusion of yards vs feet, measuring in feet is definitely easier. I referenced the approximate distance in yards because my daughter’s boyfriend is a football player so that’s how he and I were gauging the distance the night of the encounter.

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