Mar 20

Bigfootville – Full Length Movie

Residents of a small town in rural Oklahoma report numerous sightings of a hairy, 9-foot-tall creature. Could this beast be the legendary Bigfoot? This gripping documentary includes harrowing eyewitness accounts and stories of unusual events around the town.

17 Responses to “Bigfootville – Full Length Movie”

  1. Paula B

    One of my faves, too, Dan! I should have known it would be posted here. It’s so obviously not slanted, imho, and the
    reporter, Ms. Bear is very good; she doesn’t sensationalize the reports. Yeah the goatee guy, probably long gone now?, was annoying
    15 years ago! Wow. Look how much more we’ve heard that can be believed, since 2002. Thanks for posting, Wes.

  2. June P

    I watch this on occasion on YouTube. The only exhausting thing about watching this is the Mr. know It All professor. He is so sure that there is no such creature. I did notice that when he was saying how “one of my relatives” plays jokes on the park rangers, that there was a whole lot of avoidance with his eyes of the interviewer and camera, where previously he was all about making steady eye contact, so sure of himself and fidgeting of his body position. ( retired police officer here- I loved interview and interrogation!)
    Totally indicative of telling a lie.
    I love how he discredits everyone who has seen one by saying they had their eyes p,aging tricks on them, they saw bears, etc..
    Send him into a hot spot. He would pee his sissy pants! ( don’t get me wrong, I would too, but this guy is too full of himself)
    He states there is no evidence. Being an anthropologist, he should have gotten a hold of Jeff Meldrum.
    This dude is a total tool for disinformation.

  3. Amy D

    Hey Wes…thanks for putting this up… they hardly ever show it on tv anymore . I had it on my dvr and it got deleted .

  4. greg d

    Best part is near the end when the Native American tracker says “smell that? You smell that? Stink”. Fricken classic!

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