Mar 20

Encounter from Washington State

Brenton writes “Drew shares Bigfoot sightings from Washington State. These encounters with Sasquatch are mostly near his home coming from the railroad tracks. Interesting sightings and sounds have drawn Drew to look into Bigfoot more and more.”

4 Responses to “Encounter from Washington State”

  1. Maynard w

    Thanks for the early posts lately Wes. Like to unwind after work to SC. Also thanks for providing great links so I don’t have to wade through everything out there as much.

  2. Stephanie G

    I second that Maynard. One thing I wish, though, is a way to get to an entire list of all the episodes with their titles so I can easily find one I want to re-listen to. Wading thru the archives by month is tedious.

  3. Kathryn C

    This guy is really asking for it playing with bigfoot. He needs to get some knowledge about them before getting his nephew and son involved. It’s hard to believe an adult acting so stupid and putting his family in jeopardy.

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