May 22

The Creature From Bridgewater Triangle

It was a late-night walk in a Raynham neighborhood silent and still, lost in sleep. Suddenly, William Russo’s dog, Samantha, began to shake and quiver — as he describes it, “rattlin’ like an old Chevy.”

Russo looked around, listened, and finally heard what was terrifying her. “Eh wan chu. Eh wan chu. Keahr. Keahr.”

A sort of high-pitched wail. And then he saw it. Illuminated in the circle of a street light was a creature unlike any he’d ever seen: 3 to 4 feet tall, potbellied, big-eyed, covered in hair, unclothed.

Later, as he struggled to make sense of what he’d seen, Russo realized that whatever it was, it was beckoning him: “We want you, we want you . . . Come here, come here.”

Was the strange creature that William Russo encountered on a late night walk with his dog one of the dreaded Pukwudgies that the local Wampanoag Indian tribe fears? Here is his chilling eye-witness account.

5 Responses to “The Creature From Bridgewater Triangle”

  1. Joan h

    OH Wow Wes this is gonna be good one ! Thank you for being there for everyone that’s always needed you!
    I know you must get tired of this but I look at it as You and Woody had this encounter back in 2012 for a reason
    So because you were Strong ?? enough to get through it “God picked You” to help everyone else through it !
    You have Angles watching out over you ! Your Grandfather, Your Dad ? Ever need help call on them and listen to the little voice inside you! You are Loved by Thousands if not Millions Of People now ! STAY STRONG MY FRIEND & PRAY ?✝️?

  2. Donald H

    wow Joan H. no your possibly right on ,fact is these different beings have been here for a long time ,as many types as there are stars in the sky ,heres the kicker i have noticed that they are showing themselves to more and more people ,im native american indian and scottish and possibly german .i married a full blooded half cherkee and half navajoe and we had 3 children i thought my eyes were open they see things that we have taked about in fairy tales since i was a child …. may god and christ guide you ,that is a universal power thats good ,devine and pure no matter what you call the energy . peace .

  3. Eric S

    Y’know.. the more I hear of such stories the more sympathetic I grow towards gun owners. I mean, I was sympathetic to begin with, but seeing as how there are so many stories like this makes me wonder if the NRA is an organization made up of passionate people with a few extraordinary secrets of their own.

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