Mar 9

Tonight’s Show: The Creature At Diablo Lake

Drew had an encounter in 1996 here in Washington up in Snohomish county. Drew describes a creature with an odd movement come out of the ditch into the road. The encounter still bothers him today. We will also be speaking to Chuck. Chuck had an encounter in 2015 at Diablo Lake. The lake is in WA state.  Its a glacial-fed lake and in the summer turns a turquoise color because of fine rock particles that refract sunlight. Crater lake in Oregon has that same appearance during the summer. Chuck describes several creatures vocalizing and then it came into camp.

Chuck writes “In 2015 I spent the day on a motorcycle ride over SR20 in WA State. We rode around Winthrop and Twisp, then broke up and went our separate ways. I had made plans to camp with another group of friends that night at Colonial Creek Campground at Diablo Lake.

I had spent plenty of time in that area and was very comfortable there. After a day of riding with one group of friends I was excited to meet up with my other group of friends. We had a great time hanging out. Eventually we went to our own tents and went to sleep. I guess I laid down around 12:15am. It took me a bit to get comfortable and doze off. I think I fell asleep around 1am. Around 1:45am I heard a call, much like the Ohio sound from across the lake. I estimated it was four or five miles away, but the sound filled the entire valley and woke me up. I smiled, chuckled, and told myself that it was Bigfoot.

This call went on for about five to ten minutes, when all of a sudden there was a return call on my side of the lake. I felt like the return call originated about three miles uphill, coming from Pinnacle Peak or Colonial Peak. I felt a sense of surprise, and was taken back by the volume and duration of the return call. This call started out low and soft then crescendo to very loud and bellowing. The sound resonated through me in a way that it instantly woke me up and I became alert. Before I could fully comprehend the return call there was another call from across the lake. This call had a shorter duration, my instincts told me that the call from across the lake was a female and the call on my side of the lake was a male. This went on for about 20 minutes, back and forth. I was in disbelief. I thought of every animal sound I knew and there was nothing like it.

The duration and volume was beyond any wildlife’s capabilities, not to mention any human’s ability. It was fascinating to listen to and was an experience all on its own. Then things got terrifying. What happened next still causes me anxiety just thinking about it. What I will call the male, calling from my side of the lake started coming down the hill. It would stop to call back to the female on the far side of the lake. Each time it called the intensity of the volume became increasingly more intense. I typically carry protection when out in the woods. Mostly for a noise maker, my theory is that the biggest barks wins most of the time. I’ve had to scare off cougars using this method in the past. Regardless, I white knuckle gripped that 44 magnum and was convinced it was not enough firepower to stop whatever was coming down the mountain, much less a bigger bark. I laid there in my flimsy tent, tucked into my mummy bag, grasping my 44 as I cowered with each return call getting closer.

At some point I started hearing footsteps. With each step the ground shook with a vibration that resonated through the ground. I could feel each step getting closer. What was hard to comprehend was the gait between steps. In my mind I envisioned this thing as “jogging”, not walking. I estimated the distance between each step to be 9 to 12 feet. This thing was now in the campground and still returning calls. The terror I felt was indescribably. I was literally frozen with fear. I didn’t dare make a sound, I couldn’t if I wanted to. My body went into an involuntary flight mode. I could not function my body, meaning I could not get out of my sleeping bag if my life depended on it.

I was frozen in fear. My heart was racing, I was uncertain what was going to happen next. Not knowing was the worst part. And wouldn’t you believe it, this creature ran right through my campsite, only feet from my tent. It let out a call that sent me into a state of shock. The volume, the duration, the resonating force of sound, I was defeated and terrified. As quick as it came into my campsite it left, and without hesitation it jumped into the lake.

Which in my mind sounded like an elk being dropped from 20 feet into the water, there was a huge splash. If you have ever been to Diablo Lake you know it’s glacier fed. That water is extremely cold. This didn’t even faze it, much like a dog chasing a ball in to a cold lake, it didn’t hesitate. This behavior suggested to me that this was some type of animal or “primitive”. Not many humans would jump in that water at night, and if they did you would hear them screaming in shock, it’s freakin’ cold!

The moment it jumped into the lake and started its way across the lake I started to feel some relief. However, I lived in terror for years. I believe I suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome.

After that event I listen to your shows and use them as a type of therapy. I am able to relate to others and their experiences. Knowing that I am not alone gives me a sense of relief. I have told many people about my experience. I often encounter people who are dismissive, but this doesn’t faze me in the least. Once you know, you know. And for anyone who says they want a Bigfoot experience, I would caution them against it. It will change your life and most likely not in a positive way.

It’s been many years now and I have not tent camped since. I have hauled my travel trailer to a State Parks, but I am not comfortable remote/primitive camping anymore. I could not bring enough fire power, nor do I think I am smarter than these things in their environment. I would not have a chance if they decided to harm me. I do go out on day hikes, but I am armed and I’m constantly looking for signs. I have turned around on trails before for no other reason than my gut told me something isn’t right. That being said I love the PNW and will continue to push myself back into the beautiful areas that this State and BC has to offer. However, I’m no longer naïve.”

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  1. m99

    Oh boy. We love Diablo Lake. It is breathtakingly beautiful It gets very crowded though along the camp sites. We plan to hike up and find some dispersed sites though. His brother is from Southern California. A few years ago he was on a job north of us a couple hours and came to spend the night on the way home. They drove up to Diablo Lake and hiked. He was impressed. Looking forward to this one. Thx Wes.

  2. Ron S

    So this happened near the town of Diablo in a Mummy bag at Diablo lake, part of Diablo Hydro⚡️Electric Dam that runs into the Skagit “people who hide” River which is East of nearby Big Devil Peak and Terror Mountain.
    Sounds like Faith would be more effective than a .44 magnum here:)

  3. Chad W

    What a terrifying situation to be in. I can’t imagine the paralyzing fear. I think you make a good point when you say that these beings are smarter than we are in their environment. That is sobering…

  4. Charles R

    Terrifying to say the least. Most notable in that you think a female on the other side and male on your side calling back. What was it about the voice to make you think a female? In some of the Sierra Sounds one can definitely hear some sounds?Bigfoot words that are more female like and then low ruff and gruff male words. Hope you come on the show. That was a funny remark Lynn F, and just maybe spot on.

  5. sarah m

    My encounters have been near Skykomish , which isn’t far ( as a crow flies ) from Lake Diablo. The area is very Squatchy , I used to camp alone a lot, after my last encounter , I’ll never camp alone again because I’ve never felt the intense terror I felt the last time I was up there. Thank you for sharing

  6. Connie O

    I have the same question as Melanie and Sharon. Why no mention of others in the campsite? How could they not hear anything if the sounds were so loud? Did you talk about it when you got up?

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