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Upcoming Guest: A Furry Monster In The Woods With Red Eyes

A listener writes “Approximately 1980-1981, Macon, Ga, I was between the ages of 8-9 yrs old, living in some apartments with my mom that butts up to the wood. This was only one of two apartment complexes in the area along with one gas station and a bowling alley at the other end of the street, coming into the area.

Everything surrounding this area was thick wooded areas. Macon is known for the very large Ocmulgee River that pretty much flows through the majority of this town. It’s also famous for it’s Indian Mounds located within a mile of the river, siting at the center of Macon. Loads of tree pointers here from the natives. Really amazing stuff to look at and think on how intelligent our ancestors could have been. 40 yrs ago we were somewhat small town but has since blossom into more metro area. Still, surrounded by lots of swamp areas with alligators, black cats and loaded with dear depending on where you’re at. 15 mile north of downtown Macon their are several national parks butted up back to back to each other. 6 miles south we have Bond Swamp right at the edge of the county (Bibb Co).

It’s labeled “The Mini Everglades”. Not sure why considering Georgia is famous for the Okefenokee Swamp in south, Ga where there has been a few sightings of the Dogman and lots of Bigfoot encounters and the Everglades are located in south Florida. Go figure. I’ve visited the Everglades before and really didn’t know Bond Swamp was there for a little while. If it’s anything like the Everglades it should be an amazing place to visit as well.

Anyway, I’m 8 or 9 yrs old playing in the woods and saw a large creature standing there looking at me with bright red eyes. At the time, I believe I blacked out because I don’t remember getting out of the woods on my own. It was late in the day, pretty close to dark. No sunlight was out and looked like everything was grey after a good rain but I don’t recall it raining that day.

Must have been just grey skies that day or too close to dark for the sun. However, there was still plenty of time before the darkness took over. I do remember telling my 2 closest friends, at the time, I saw a large, fury monster in the woods with red eyes.

I’ve only thought about this event a few times in my life and reminded myself of how silly I must be. I saw the Patty video in those days and never put the two together because that was not what I saw. It was not until I started listening to some of the Bigfoot shows recently and heard how so many people had encounters with red eyes associated with them. All of the sudden I was hit like a ton of bricks with what I saw and no, I wasn’t losing my mind and maybe I did see a Bigfoot.

I never told anyone else until recently. I took my son and husband to those apartments not too long ago and told them what happened. They do seem to believe me and have always understood there’s much more out there than we realize.

I found the trail I was on but it was now completely bushed over leaving no visible entry. At the time of the encounter, I had only been in those woods a few times. At best, 3-5 times in the 10 yrs I was there. I don’t recall anyone hanging out in there at all but there was definitely a fairly wide trail leading into the woods.

It was probably too thick to fool around in once you got about 80-100ft into there. My visual encounter took place approximately 40ft into the woods at the most and the monster was no more than 30-40ft from me. And, I’m pretty sure it was closer to 30ft. His hair was full and at least 2 inched long hair all over. Completely black all over. I can’t describe the face due to the shock of those red eyes placed a lot of influence over my own eyes. This thing I’m guessing to be 6-7ft tall depending on how close he actually was to me. ‘Could’ have been a little taller. Who knows?”

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    • Ron S

      Charles R, this lost memory or time seems like kind of a theme in some Sasquatch cases, such as the lady from the U.K. on her trip to California in ep:515… Also many UFO abductions such as Travis Walton or Betty and Barney Hill for example. Way too many similarities across the board between unexplained phenomena, cryptid or even these so called “Aliens” for it to all be unrelated imo.

      I think we could get to the bottom of all of this if we ask people slightly more personal questions about their spiritual life or beliefs at the time when these encounters took place.

      From my understanding, God does allow evil to manifest in various ways at times under His divine rule, as a lesson or a message to us, as His own humility and rule remain as mysterious yet as obvious as anything, yet never asks for anything in return other than to be kind, modest, caring and grateful for everything and know he is indeed everywhere. It’s kind of like the most loving and charitable gift givers do so anonymously, yet they hope you appreciate the gift.

      So maybe in many cases where God would allow demons to appear and change someone’s paradigm these demons simply resist their own temptations and choose not to… Because they enjoy these sinful and misguided lifestyles of influential people that already corrupt and manipulate other people on a wider scale, as these types of people cause wars and the destruction to something on Earth.

      It’s really unfortunate these influential people don’t realize that demons hate them just for being human like everything else God created (which is everything).

      No matter how much someone worships evil, a demon or fallen angel will always know its own form is more powerful and older than humans and thusly delight in ripping mankind apart on Earth or even more so in Hell as a double finger to God sort of deal. Humans do not become Angelic one way or another after death from my understanding.

      When we’re done here in this realm I’d rather be humble and loved by something greater, than hated and humiliated by something that is more than willing to express how much darker and greater it thinks of itself over the human soul and Gods creations.

      To not do good things in life is about the dumbest thing anyone can logically do, especially when these spiritual realms are realized. In the grand scheme of things, life is short, but very important too. ❤️

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