Sep 12

The Craven Bigfoot Footage

By Adam Bird: “A family out for a drive in Craven, Saskatchewan, were shocked to see a hair-covered biped walking on a hill beside the road. They quickly took out their camera and filmed the creature as it walked into the bushes. This is their footage. It is clear, showing a biped, brown all over, with a conical head and long arm.




Here is the original video:

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  1. MONTE M

    Another non- definitive video but also another piece of possible evidence seen by more than one person . Another sighting report and location for data with video evidence as support . I have tried to persuade people who I personally know that have had sightings to at least report them anonymously so that researchers can use that data . I know of a sighting that occurred within Bighorn National Recreation Area in MT that is unreported . Was hoping the two ladies that occurred to would report it but not yet . Most people do not want to be scrutinized and for some it is something they just do not want to think about or talk about it .

  2. brad b

    It looks like the back of a gorilla except gorillas aren’t that color and gorillas don’t move like that. Not to mention it’s highly unlikely a gorilla would be randomly roaming around the wilds of Canada. That pretty much leaves two choices — Bigfoot or a hoax that Hollywood special effects masters would envy. I’m putting my money on Bigfoot.

  3. Tara L

    This is not that remote of a location. The city of Regina is just to the south of Craven. Craven is at the southernmost tip of a large lake where my family had a cottage. It’s hilly with trees, but by no means remote. Regina sits due north of the Montana, North Dakota borders.

  4. Daniel E

    Sorry, this is not conclusive enough for the non believers. I know they exist but we need better footage, to bad they couldn’t have come along 15 seconds earlier.

  5. Jeffrey H

    Even if this one is a hoax it’s a good one! I like UK Tony’s analizations. He does a nice job. I see a couple things that just make it hard to believe that it’s real. 1) Is the walk, the head going up and down. This is something never seen with real Sasquatch people. Folks that have seen the “real deal” say that it kinda floats or skates along when it walks. We don’t see that here. We see more of the human form of walking with the head going up and down. 2) The gait seems short for such a big creature. The strides look short versus what you see with their walking footprints and of what witnesses say, long stride. 3) Seems to take a while to get where the creature is going. You here witnesses talking about clearing the width of the highway in 2-3 steps, not seeing that here. 4) Seems to have a neck if you look closely. Big shoulders, ok, size of the head large, ??. These are just thoughts. I hope it is real. It’d be great to have an additional video to the P/G Patty film and the Paul Freeman video. It would be great to have those who video’d this as guest.

  6. Sid N

    The objections raised by Jeffrey H., may be explained away by the fact the Sasquatch seems to be going downhill and it doesn’t seem to be that close to the car either, which would make it difficult to to judge the head/shoulder ratio, or the length of the downhill stride. It could be a hoax, if so a good one. I’m inclined to say it’s real. I too, have seen this video before. I also wish people would get over the notion that they will be ridiculed for their sightings. My neighbor has trail cam video of a supposed Sasquatch, and he’s seen the animal more than once, but he won’t come forward. I only know of the video because my brother, another neighbor has seen it. I have a cousin who shot video in California, of the creature also. Knowing of two such pieces of video, makes me wonder how many people have video, but for reasons of their own are not willing to show it. Even The Outlaws have video tucked away in their vaults.

  7. MONTE M

    What is compelling to me is that it looks very similar to other creatures in a lot of other sighting videos . You can not see it so well but what Iam seeing I’ve seen in other videos from many places and many different years and caught in photos too.

  8. Darren H

    Anybody know where to find the very brief footage of a BF taking a few HUGE, very agile steps going up a 45 degree or better steap incline, then disappearing into the trees on the side of a hill or mountain?
    Seen it once and never seen it again!

  9. SantiamLady

    Wow! That’s amazing footage! It’s CLEARLY a bipedal creature with a cone-shaped head, broad shoulders, and a shaggy brown coat of hair, and a VERY long arm! I don’t think it’s a man in a suit, and it certainly isn’t a bear. Looks like the real deal to me.

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