Sep 12

CryptidCon Bigfoot, Monsters and Legends

Brenton Sawin writes “Pictures or proof Bigfoot is real as. Sasquatch man shows his pictures at the cryptid show. Bigfoot eyewitnesses also share their stories at the town hall meeting.I brenton sawin gets this proof for you fans at the CryptidCon meeting in Frankfort Ky. Enjoy the show.”

3 Responses to “CryptidCon Bigfoot, Monsters and Legends”

  1. Jeffrey H

    1st!!👍🏻👌🏆🎈 Thank you, thank you everyone!) SasquatchMan may very well have a good relationship with his local Sasquatch people. Though it’s hard to see the 👀, nose and forehead, you can still see a good outline of a juvie Sasquatch. SasquatchMan seems to be able to pull the fellas to him or they are extremely interested in what he’s doing. It’s good to keep up with him because he always has some good encounters to talk about. I hope Brenton is able to get a enlarge the subject from the pics SasquatchMan was able to get. Looking forward to seeing them.

  2. Melissa K

    This was riveting! Impressive filming. I am definitely looking at the other videos. Thank you for showing this for those who couldn’t be there. 👍👏😁

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