Jan 24

The Confessionals: Terror In The LBL

Tony writes “In Episode 514: Terror In The LBL we are joined by Martin Groves, a retired sheriff, who recently started speaking publicly about his horrific experience in the Land Between The Lakes (LBL) back in 1993.

Martin and his hunting partner, who was also a police officer, went on a weekend hunting trip that was supposed to be fun and relaxing. After spending some time in the LBL on their hunts and as nightfall approached, things turn to anything but relaxing. Martin recalls being stalked on his way back to camp where his partner was waiting for him.

Then that night through a series of dramatic events, Martin and his partner came to realize that they were being hunted by three upright-walking dogmen. As one dogman came walking into their camp to show itself to them, there were two taunting them from the shadows. They fired upon the creatures and ran for the truck where they encounter more unexpected beasts. Martin and his partner escaped with their lives that night but one hunter not far from their camp wasn’t so lucky. After this experience, Martin spent the next 20+ years of his law enforcement career quietly investigating these encounters people were having in the LBL. He’s connected a lot of dots and wants to share what he’s learned with everyone today in this two-part Overtime episode!”

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  1. theresa m

    OMGoodness! What an interview! Wes, thanks for showcasing Tony’s work here. I will go over and listen to the Overtime Show to hear the remainder of the interview ow his podcast. This was up there with your story, Claire’s, and a few others, as well. Wow! More pieces of the puzzle. I do not remember hearing the name of Martin’s book. Thank you, Martin, for sharing such a truly horrific experience.

  2. Stacey C

    Wow, terrifying….. Reminds me of what Anthony told Wes about the old lady that had them living with her about the males being taken by the “Star” ppl…. Everyone has their own opinion I just happen to think there’s more than one origin, I think there’s the ones that have been created or manipulated by the “fallen” and then the ones that are here naturally God created like Esau and are of that ancient lineage…
    Sadly though it is just opinion as we don’t know and they will never let anyone know what’s truly out there!!!! Thanks Wes for sharing…

  3. Sheila L

    Holy cow. That was incredible!

    Thanks so much to Mister Martin G for coming on with Tony and sharing this mind-blowing encounter. I will be thinking about this one for days and weeks.
    Kevin L

  4. Anniela G

    This is an incredible story. Thanks for sharing. I one hundred percent believe your story. This needs to be made as public as possible before many lives are lost. These creatures are NOT NORMAL.

  5. Spanky

    After hearing the encounters at the LBL, I went there. It is a very isolated, rural place. I’ve Been to where Taylor, for those of y’all that know, had his encounter. This is a phenomenal encounter. Scary as s&@t!

    • Virginia S

      WOW, that was enthralling. That LBL is no joke.
      When Martin was telling his thoughts about the Sasquatch and Dogman both being Lycans and working together, it made me think of your Episode “The Two Creatures” I always thought it was bizarre that they were both together.
      Also, several of your guests have spoken of their possible Sasquatch encounters (without actually seeing them) and saying they heard an odd metallic sound🤔
      Thx for posting this in your Blog, Wes.

  6. Janetta V

    Well this was a real butt gripper, to say the least. I was stiff here in my chair when that THING approached them in the camp. What in the world are they, Can you imagine driving away and seeing your camp being torn up. Wow!

  7. Anniela G

    The smell that they are talking about reminds me of the Flatwoods Monster story from West Virgina… The smell this monster emitted made all of them ill and they described it similiarly

  8. Maria G

    I have been listening for over a year and became a member. This podcast has shaken me to my core. Thanks to Wes for posting this and to Marten Groves for courageously reporting what took place.
    I walk 6 days a week at nature reserve. I have started doing a walking meditation, sending out love and healing for whoever needs it.
    I truly feel an acceleration of wrongness.
    Praying for the best outcome for humankind.

  9. Linda B

    I can’t wait to hear this. It’s gotten late and from the comments left here I’m pretty sure listening to this encounter in a sleepy state does not make for sweet dreams so I’m coming back in the daylight with my husband to listen to this one. Wow.
    I do want to say I saw a Tubi sasquatch documentary the other day done by Jason Kenzie, interviewing Robin Haynes McCray, the latter claiming she grew up with sasquatch. During the interview, Robin tells Jason a ton of interesting things about sasquatch. One thing I found fascinating was she said a dogman is a three way split , man-dog-alien. Every drawing and fuzzy photo I’ve ever seen of a dogman looks tall and skinny like you think an alien would be, and of course upright like a man and canine. Pretty creepy.

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