Jan 23

I Saw A Massive Figure

A listener writes “I am from New Hampshire and I’ve been listening to your podcast for a long time now hearing everyone else’s encounters it has made me confident to come forward with my encounters with this thing that is beyond our comprehension.

My first encounter came when I was in 6th grade, I am a college junior now for context, and when I was in middle school I played a lot of travel football in the Northeast which required some travel and early mornings. Being from New Hampshire I have seen deer, black bears, foxes, the whole nine yards of normal northeast land animals with enough regularity to where I am not really too shocked when I see them. So one morning I’m getting ready to go to a tournament in Massachusetts that started really early in the morning, that’s a long drive for me where I’m from so its roughly 4:30-5 in the morning and I sat down to eat my cereal and I can see through my sliding glass door through some trees into my neighbors big back yard, he has a few acres of land and in the fall when the leaves have fallen off the trees you can see right into his yard from my dining room table, this time I am looking straight ahead as I do and I see this deer, pretty decently sized deer, the ones we get in NH are not the biggest but some of them are good sized, and like I said I’ve seen deer all my life so I look back down at my bowl and out of my peripheral vision I don’t see exactly what happened but I see a flurry of movement and it all happened so so quick so I look up and the deer is down with this hulking figure crouched over the deer. It looked like one of the world’s strongest men dawned a ghillie suit and took down this deer, he was absolutely enormous.

I was looking at him for a few seconds nothing too long and he cocked his head up from the deer the same way I must have from my cereal and looked dead at me. Through the brush and the limbs of trees I could not really make out the fine details of his face but what I did know is he knew exactly where I was and I also knew that the distance between me and him could be covered quick and if he did do that, there is little that a glass door can do to stop him from getting to me. It felt like hours but after a few moments locked in this eye contact, he reaches his tree trunk arms down and picks up this deer like it is nothing. I am no deer expert, nor am I a human expert, but with how bulky this deer was and how many pounds he must have weighed I find it really difficult to believe that even the burliest and strongest men on earth could just so effortlessly pick up a deer place it under his arm like a newspaper and walk away. I track him with my eyes and when he stood up the height of him was absolutely unbelievable. Not only was he the thickest and widest “human” I have ever seen, but he is also the tallest and its not even close, and this freak of a “human” just so happens to be in my state in my neighbors backyard, it just does not make sense, nothing about that thing made sense, the speed, the strength, the size, it just did not make sense.

The second encounter I had came a few years after when me and an ex went camping way up North in an ex girlfriend at the time and we were up at a state park in way up north NH. We arrived pretty late in the night and this camp ground was pretty rugged, definitely one that more experienced campers frequented and we did not really care much for that we just wanted some alone time because we were stupid teenagers. Anyway like I said we set up our tent pretty late and it definitely did not feel super normal to me, I know other people were around us but it felt like they were watching us.

We get the tent set up and do our thing for a few hours and I had to go to the bathroom and there was an outhouse with shower and such a few hundred feet from our site, I get walking with my little flashlight and the first thing I noticed is that there is not another person/group anywhere near us, so that feeling of being watched was pretty strange but I thought it was whatever, I heard some snaps to my left up this little hill so I turn to look and peaking out from behind this boulder on this hill was this massive figure. I could only tell it was big because of how thick the head was and how thick part of its shoulder was that was exposed. Whatever it was went right back behind the boulder and I did not immediately hear it leave but I sure as hell was not going to go up there and try to scare it away. Shocked that I did not piss myself then I went and peed and that was that, never ended up telling the girl about this because she was super skiddish about the while thought of supernatural and all that but I will tell you I was on edge the rest of that trip for sure.”

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    • Virginia S

      Candice, I am from Massachusetts also…Plymouth.
      We don’t hear them too often but there are many reports from New England. I listened to 3 today, 2 from NH and 1 from MA. My sister lives right on Lake Winnipesaukee, NH and there’s many from that area. I really don’t want to go snow shoeing or hiking up at her place anymore😉

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