Apr 14

The Confessionals: Secret Military Enochian Technology

On April16th, 2019 at 3AM EST The Confessionals will release one of the most amazing interviews to date! Charlie is a former military serviceman that was selected for a secret mission to go into the wilderness with 15 other men to retrieve a downed aircraft.

This was not any normal craft though, it looked like it was from another world. His orders were to get any information from the crafts databases and then destroy it. Once on board, he came across the Enochian language and other things that will blow your mind. And getting to the craft was the easy part, getting back and avoiding the time slips that he and his crew experienced are a whole other story.

9 Responses to “The Confessionals: Secret Military Enochian Technology”

  1. Bal G

    Wes, what does this have to do with bigfoot? This is becoming a UFO podcast, what just happened? Just kidding! I like Tony even though he is an Eagle fan. Look forward to the podcast. Keep up the good work Wes and thanks.

  2. Barbara W

    I like the occasional UFO stuff. For whatever reason the two do seem to have at least an occasional connection, same as the orbs. And my husband and I saw one fantastic UFO appear in front of our eyes as we lay looking at stars one night.

  3. Lisa B

    It’s been documented that some folks have been seen at Sponge Bobs favorite diner, the Krusty Krab. Those krabby patties are addictive and they change you. Some can handle it and keep the krabiness in check but others have a time dealing with it. Sometimes interventions are needed. Many Bigfoot sightings have involved ufos and the orbs. Can’t imagine Bigfoot running thru the woods with an orb in its hands, but people have reported seeing it. I think it all ties in together somehow and we haven’t figured it out yet. I pretty much like all the little extra stuff…thanks Wes. And after all, there’s a moon out and it is Monday ✌?

  4. Amy H

    This sounds intriguing.

    Unlike most, I’m kind of wishing Wes would do some more of the UFO stuff. He’s a good interviewer and has a knack for asking what listeners wanna hear. George Norey is good in that respect as well but few others are.. I would listen to more UFO stuff if it did take so long to find a decent podcast. Most are shit.

    I can imagine Wes talking with people like this guy…. I’d be scared for weeks…. it would be worth it though!

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