Jan 14

The Confessionals Podcast: The Evil Nicky

Tony writes “Today we have a two-part show with both Perry and Dan joining us! First, we talk to Perry who details a very scary experience he had as a kid playing hide and go seek with friends. He thought he was in the closet with a buddy but it turns out it was something otherworldly. Then we bring on Dan who is a truck driver and happened to cross paths with a bigfoot one night while out in his rig!”

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  1. Jay Carlsen

    I tell every Police Officer I come in contact with ‘ Hey wanna hear something Crazy ? ….. I seen a 10 foot Tall Gorilla on top of the Hodenpyle Dam , back in the summer of 2000.’ And they all will stand there and listen to my story , and Agree with me that it was Crazy !

    ‘ …………. All right. I wanna be part of the Gang.’

    I just listened to a Air Force Personnel went camping & was abducted by a UFO. When He got back to Base , they already Knew about it. And as He was recounting the Memories of the experience for the ” Intelligence ” people , when He recalled other Humans there working with these Aliens …… He heard the Papers scattering across the Table. So I believe they KNOW what these demon vehicles are , that creep by night abducting People for Biological Sampling. They know what theses foul things are.
    Have they been here since whenever ?
    Did the Nazis find these things in antarctica & release them from there bonds ?
    Or did Jack Parsons and Kenneth Arnold bring something into this Reality in Roswell Nm in 1947 ? ( Yes the same Kenneth Arnold who coined the term “Flying Saucer ” )

    They have to show it in our Face – Isn’t it funny that there is a Scandinavian story of Thor and Loki when they were going to Jotunheim to compete in Games held there on behalf of the AEsir. And the King of the Giants City heard of them coming to attend the Games , and everyone knew of Thor’s Fiery Temper ; and the King employed Magic to deter the Travelers from attending these Games.
    The King appeared as a Giant named Skymere , And saying there were larger than Him at the Giant City.
    They finally came to the City and right away Loki competed in a Eating Contest ( that he lost on the Technicality that he left Plates & chewed Bones – and His Opponent consumed all )
    A Young Man who was traveling with them lost a Foot Race ( because he was racing Thought itself )
    And Thor figured he would rest the Night and wait until the next Morning so he could be at the Top of his Game ….. When the next Morning when the sun came up in the Sky , Thor went to the King’s Court and demanded one of the Kings Court to come out and Grapple with Him. When the King laughed at Him and told Him they started the Games every day with a Drinking Contest ! And the King went on with all the Trouble they went through finding a Drinking Horn small enough , so it would be fair…. Thor boasted that He could drain anything with one draft. He found that he couldn’t make the level of the Drinking Horn to go down in volume ? 3 Times he Tried ! And he didn’t even drain the Drinking Horn half way.
    He then demanded a man of the King Court to come out and wrestle with him , Who all seemed Bold & Fierce. But the King summoned his ancient Nursemaid who grappled Thor with a grip of Iron. And He couldn’t shake her , and could only avert being put down in a prone position by throwing Her off to the side.
    Then He tried to lift the Kings Cat that was really the Dragon that chews on the Roots of Yggdrasil…. When they couldn’t match the Challenges they went back to Asgard and no one talked to Thor , because he was in such a foul mood.

    In another tale from Scandinavian legend tells of the AEsir and the Vanir being called to a Feast at the Hall of old AEgir ( lord of the open sea ) who held a Feast where everyone was invited to set aside their differences and attend this big Banquet. And there was one who sat alone – in the back – by Himself…..
    After the Feast Odin stood and called on the Stranger to give account , and low & behold ! It was the Giant King ! Who came to admit the Magic he employed to deter the Travelers from attending these Games. And He admitted that the one who contested with Loki was the Element of Fire ( which consumes all ) and the young man raced against thought Itself.
    When Thor was brought this Drinking Horn…… The other end of said Drinking Horn was in the Ocean itself ! And each Time thor tried to drain the Drinking Horn the Ocean Level would recede !
    And every time He drank , even though everyone seemed Bold & Fierce. In actuality they were all cowering with Fear.
    The Old Women who Thor wrestled , was Old Age ( which none can escape )
    And the Cat was the Dragon who chewed the Roots of the World Tree.

    Something about it having to be brought forward ….. so it would Work ?

  2. Matthew W

    “Weirdo” defined: one who reads obscure cryptid blogs late at night on a website dedicated to chronicling Sasquatch and proclaims that which is too weird, that which is not weird enough and that which is just right.

  3. Matthew W

    My brother had a similar closet experience. He followed Mary into her closet. He scooted over to kiss her and in the dark his hand ended up on her. Mary started screaming. The parents stopped their card game downstairs and came running. So my brother screamed that there was something else in the closet and it tried to grab him too. The parents searched the room. My brother did not get in trouble. The next card game night Mary asked me if I wanted to play with her in her closet, but I said oh hell no.

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