May 19

The Confessionals Podcast: Montana’s Ghost Town

Tony writes “In Episode 234: Montana’s Ghost Town, we are joined by Dave and Luke who are filmmakers. Their most recent film, entitled “Trail of Justice,” had some bizarre and outright evil things happen to the cast during filming.

Dave and Luke wanted to film in a real old western ghost town for their movie, but as they filmed, the term “ghost town” became more than just a cliche expression. Instead, it became a very tangible reality!”

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  1. Thomas J

    This is apparent in many Hollywood themes: Predator and people missing in the forests. Mighty Joe Young and the ever elusive Sasquatch. Contagion and the Chinese virus Covid-19. Fauci warning that The US will face a pandemic. The Xfiles and preparation of a vaccine to combat alien invasion. Just kidding but makes one think. And don’t forget Agenda 21 of the U.N. and setting aside areas in America as world heritage sites as biospheres so the US government does not have to worry about the US citizens that disappear there. And don’t forget about Wily Coyote and the Acme company( made in China).

  2. Alice F

    Anaconda,Montana has been a town since the 1880s and is still a town, never a ghost town. It has a population of over 9,000 people. What is the real name of the ghost town they were in? What he describes is not Anaconda.

  3. Lethia B

    Strange parallel, even if it was years before Covid. It did happen after Sarrs because it was mentioned in the clip. And, it does seem Hollywood has an inside line on the future. Just saying. Great show!! Kerp ’em comming. PS Ebstien is still out there somewhere. 🤔👩‍🦰

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