May 4

The Confessionals: Dog vs Dogman

Tony writes “In Episode 335: Dog vs Dogman, we are joined by Kyle who shares the most dramatic dogman experience ever sent to The Confessionals!

Kyle was born and raised in Kentucky, and became a coon hunter at a very young age. When he was 15 years old, he and his grandfather set out for a night of hunting raccoons with their dogs Bow and Jake. Little did Kyle know that on this night, his life was going to change forever. The dogs treed a coon when a pack of coyotes moved in to challenge the hunting dogs. There was a strong battle of dominance, and when Kyle finally arrived at the scene he saw Jake standing strong with coyotes on the run. He then heard what he thought was his dog Bow on the other side of a large tree, chomping on a coyote. But, when he circled around to find Bow, he came face to face with a monstrous beast that towered over him. This is where Kyle’s life changed forever, as a bloodthirsty dogman took chase after him, and a battle of dog versus dogman took place! Kyle’s story of survival truly defied the odds with those two kinds of dogs in the woods that night – one was man’s best friend, the other was man’s worst nightmare.”

11 Responses to “The Confessionals: Dog vs Dogman”

  1. Jo M

    Weird, me too. It was Vic’s D.E. episode 263 from 2019. Same story exactly, except Tony has a lot more discussion time with Kyle, which is great.

  2. schlad

    Dogs are amazing, incredibly loyal, it’s not a big leap to imagine an advanced, more evolved canine, I’ve known dogs that are as smart as me haha

    • m99

      Gee Michael, tell us what you really think! Please don’t use gd on the forum pages. It’s like saying to the many little kids here reading this stuff, go ahead, express yourself. Next thing you know they’re sitting in the PE’s office explaining where it came from. Plus, who are you to judge this man like that? No one can say what they’d do in a situation like this. No one.

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