May 3

Dogman Narratives: Animated Encounters

Dogman Narratives writes “In July of 2019 a neighborhood in Grangeville, Idaho witness bigfoot sightings. A few of the neighbors saw the bigfoot creature and one house would leave bananas out for the sasquatch.

One night a sasquatch enters the home of an old man. At first the old man thinks that it is someone trying to rob him. As the old man is walking down his steps the bigfoot takes off, out of his house.

The old man could smell a wild animal in the house.
The next night the boomer forgets to lock his doors again and the bigfoot enters the house.
These were not the only two bigfoot sightings that happened in this neighborhood around this time.”

6 Responses to “Dogman Narratives: Animated Encounters”

  1. Linda B

    Good animation!!!! Too creepy! ! !
    First thing. I do every night before dark is LOCK all the doors!!! Really? You forget twice? I do not think so. Yowsers. Thanks, Wes!!

  2. Chamberlin

    The video showing what the bigfoot did to the man’s refrigerator,
    hitting it hard leaving big dents into the appliance. Yet the cops mention
    within the story nothing found to indicate a break in took place.
    I would think the man would point out to the cop look what this creature did!?

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