May 18

The Close Encounter with Bigfoot

The Crypto Crew posted a story about people riding ATVs –

This took place in the 1980’s (best I know) in and around the Hutch & Colmar area of Bell county Kentucky. This area has had many Bigfoot encounters/stories over the last 50 years.

Well, as the story goes several teenage boys were doing their normal thing for around here, teaming up and going 4 wheeler riding on the old strip mine roads and logging road. This is a normal thing around here and a fun thing to do on weekends.

Some of the 4 wheelers had 2 boys per 4 total there were around 5-8 people in this riding party, maybe a few more or less. Well, as they are going up on of the strip mine roads they see what they at first think is a big stump on a ridge but as they got closer the stump started moving. The road they were on went towards this big thing, as they got closer it starting coming toward them and of course they hit the gas on the 4 wheelers and tried to hurry past the massive creature.

At this point the Bigfoot really starts chasing the four wheelers, the bigfoot cuts down the ridge to try and cut the boys off, the first few riders make it past the area where the bigfoot is coming to, but my friends brother who is on the back of a four wheeler with another person on it, are at the end of the riding group line, well this bigfoot makes its to the cut off point at almost the same times as the last four wheeler with the 2 boys on it.

The bigfoot makes a grab for the boy on the back of the four wheeler, this is my friends brother, it either grabs him slightly or the four wheeler (not sure on this but one or the other) and almost rips him off the four wheeler, but due to the speed they rip loose from the bigfoot.

Of course these boy are scared almost to death about this and now all these years later it is very hard to get them to even speak about it. I talked to my friend about maybe getting his brother to tell me even more details but he said he can’t hardly talk about it without breaking down and crying as it was so terrifying.

The other boys are also like this, they can’t talk in great detail as it really bothers them to this day.

This is a truly amazing story and their is no way it is a made up story. This is coming from people I have known and went to school with many years of my life, even now we still are in church together sometimes. There are many questions about what made this bigfoot aggressive. Could it have been the sound of the ATVs or was it just an aggressive bigfoot?



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  1. Sean C

    They really seem to be very pissed off by people riding various forms of cycles, be it with a motor, or without. I would think the obvious irritation would be the motors on such vehicles, but they’ve gone after bicyclists too. Maybe they don’t like the fact, that we have technology that will allow us to have advantages over them. They don’t seem to like firearms or bikes and similar machines, yet they seem to know what they are and what they allow us to do. I don’t understand why so many people seem to want to insist, that they have such a limited intelligence level, when evidence suggests otherwise!


  2. Dutch W

    I dont wonder if they would do the same to vehicles but cant inflict as much damage and the limited protection the interior of a car or cab of a truck provides us and than when they see a person riding exposed atop a quad or bike it is almost a mentality that they want to mess that thing up, perhaps there may be harmonic noise we do not hear that is upsetting to them. I read several accounts where a juvenile will play chase with motorbikes . I would love to see people put their go pro’s facing to the rear when they ride in squatch territory, I suspect we would be privy to more films of them than you get facing forward,

  3. Pamela C

    As I recall there have a number of stories about BF reaching out to grab someone and the common fact seems to be some alone or last in line. Also the guys from TX thicket talked about being with a group when things got aggressive and one of the guides was left running to the truck after getting folks in a van and the creature reached for him trying to grab him. So could be anger could be hunting for food and like deer they run off and BF chases them.

  4. Janet B

    Kinda wonder if they have the intellect to comprehend that maybe the noise from 4 wheelers, etc. possibly runs off their
    prey? Suppose if you’d lost a meal or two to the noise generated you might get a bit pissy about it all.


  5. Dave T

    I know I get really pissed off if I’m hunting and and people mess up my hunt by riding through my hunting area. Can’t say I blame a squatch feeling the same way. I guess the BFs wouldn’t like competing with me at hunting either but atleast I’m not scaring the deer away while I’m hunting them.

  6. Kay S

    Just a thought, but what if they have over the years they have learnt that the sound of an ATV is like a diner bell?
    1. It has food on it. In the form of humans, often young and, if you pardon the expression, tasty.
    2. Hunters use them, so there is a chance for an opportunity to steal a hunter’s kill.
    3. The noise of ATVs may scare up and confuse game, again making an easier kill.

    Many aggressive animals, reptiles and fish have learnt that the sound of an engine means an easy meal, and they are much more dangerous to us for having done so.

  7. Matt f

    I think its both,scaring prey away that bf is hunting and also territorial.But dont believe that a human could also be the meal,this is a wild animal.

  8. Dave T

    I highly doubt they assimilate the sound of ATVs etc. as meal time or we’d be missing a lot more riders. I’m not saying a Squatch has never preyed upon a human but we are not part of their diet. There would be a lot more people coming up missing if we were on the menu including me. I’m an avid hunter and have walked through the woods many many many times in the dark by myself through what the BF community considers prime squatch habitat. I should be squatch poo by now but here I am. There are THOUSANDS of hunters that do the same things I do but you don’t here of hunters coming up missing very often especially in my state Ohio. These creatures just don’t want us around so most of the time they’re just trying to chase us out of their turf.

  9. r v

    Yeah Dave T, it always strikes me a peculiar how people manage to “get away” from an apparently aggressive sasquatch. It must be like a Scooby Doo cartoon when the monster (or “ronster”) just stands there until the gang decides to run, at which moment it swipes the air. I really feel that if one of these things wants to get you no one’s ever going to be hearing your report. If they show aggression and you live to tell about it, then it was a display to get you to clear the area IMHO. This would mean they chose to let you go. I’m curious , Kay S: How do you know that ATV riders are tasty…? You would’t, by chance, be a blog-infiltrating sasquatch, would you? 🙂

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