May 19

1965 Bigfoot Attacks Woman


“In 1965 news outlets around the United States reported on a very strange story from Monroe County, Michigan. A massive hairy creature had reportedly attacked 17-year-old Christina Van Acker as she and her mother, Ruth Owens, sat in their car. The story has of course faded from memory over the years. It remains an interesting case however if for no other reason, it claims actual physical contact between a human and the ever elusive Bigfoot.

The Van Acker Bigfoot encounter occurred on the evening of August 13 when Van Acker was driving herself and her mother towards their home. Neither of the people in the car apparently saw anything at first, they just felt a bump. When Van Acker stopped the car she was immediately grabbed by, as Ruth Owens stated, “A Huge Hairy Hand.”

The Bigfoot creature was about 7 foot tall with shaggy black hair, weighed an estimated 400 lbs, smelled moldy and growled like a mad dog. The hairy beast grabbed Van Acker by the hair and slammed her head into the car door, Van Acker passed out. Ruth Owens, seeing that there was nothing she could do, ran from the car to get help.”


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  1. Debbie C

    I was 8 years old in 1965. I remember the photo as seen in the image above
    in the news paper.
    I remember hearing people talking about bigfoot and trying to say it was a false
    story. I know the story is fact, I don’t understand to this day why most people
    say bigfoot/sasquatch is not real?

    • Steven B

      “…most people say bigfoot/sasquatch is not real?” most likely because sometime during the middle of the last century the “powers that be” decided that acknowledgement of this creature’s existence was not in “the best interests of the nation.” Even though earlier in the century and in the 1800’s and before, nobody had an issue admitting they exist (Theodore Roosevelt made mention of them, Daniel Boone wrote of killing one, and even the Vikings wrote of them), now there seems to be a problem with it and so it is discredited, made fun of and, if that doesn’t work, personal threats are made ( give a listen to the “down the Rabbit Hole” episodes and to Episode 105 Throwback Part 2 here on SasChron ). There are no shortage of people intimidated into silence.

      Personally, I wish there was a way to fully expose these Jack-Booted Thugs, who have more in common with the KGB than being American, to the “full light of day” that they may shrivel in the “sun” like the corrupt creatures that you find under slimy stones that they are.

    • Debbie C

      I was eight years old at the time.
      I’m not from that area/state but the article hit all the
      local newspapers. This is how I remember the
      news print (womans image) as shown in the above photo.
      I would hear adults talking about this article, all guessing mind you, that bigfoot
      toss a large tree branch just before trucks or cars would pass by.
      Always during the night, this way causing the car or truck to stop and check
      out what could of caused the bump in the road?
      Then bigfoot would take its chance and attack.
      Yes, the woman survived her encounter. I don’t know what happen later
      in her life or the person she was with at the time.

  2. Dave T

    If I remember correctly, she survived it with some bumps and bruises. Can’t figure why mom would jump out and take off running. Self preservation I guess. I think I’d stick around to protect my child but that’s just me, call me crazy.

  3. Christopher c

    I have that one, here is the full story if anyone want’s to read it —–,4427275&hl=en

  4. Christopher c

    This story known as the Mentel Rd. monster was later blamed on two escaped pet gorillas known as Billie and Banjo in a letter written by a trucker named Barry as for Ruth Owens she took a lie detector test and failed who knows what the truth was in this story -government cover-up?

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