May 18

Fishing guide with clients approached by a Florida Skunk-Ape

Brevard County, Florida

I’m a fishing guide in Florida for over 25 years and spend apx 200 days on the water a year. On a charter last month I had a Delta pilot and lawyer on my boat. As we poled into a remote area of the Merrit island National Wildlife Refuge,I noticed something bent over and walking up a sand bank,apx 100 yards from us. It was just after good daylight. I thought bear?,hog? as it walked closer,one of my clients noticed it and said,”what the f(*& is that?” I was speechless,it walked to within 40 yards,stood up and faced us for about 15 sec. It took 3 steps,turned sideways and looked at us over it’s shoulder for another 10 sec,then walked into the mangroves. The pilot said that was a F*** sasquatch! It was apx. 6/7 ft tall,long reddish brown hair, and was built like a side by side fridge,very square. It’s face looked more cave man then ape. The wind was in our face and we were silent in my flats skiff,I think that is why he did’nt know we were there as he was hunting the sand beach for food.

Follow-up Investigation:

On a particular morning of May 2011, the witness was fishing with two clients; a commercial pilot and an attorney, in an area known as Mosquito Lagoon. As he was poling his flats boat quietly near the shore of a mangrove hammock at low tide he observed something up the bank, approaching them at a distance of about 100 yards. Its color being reddish brown, he first thought it might be a feral hog or possibly a bear. It was not standing upright at this time, but was bent at the waist with its long arms hanging down and swinging side to side with its fingers curled, apparently searching the sand for shell fish and/or crustaceans. When it reached within 40 yards the witness exclaimed, “What the !#$* is THAT!?” His clients looked up and the pilot exclaimed, “That’s a Sasquatch!” At that time the creature turned and faced them and stood fully erect. His next thought was, “That thing is as wide as my side-by-side refrigerator/freezer!” This thought occurred because its torso was so broad, square, and thick; “very stocky and muscular”. He stated that its face looked like a guy with “a ZZ Top beard”, but had no hair on its forehead. This frontal stare lasted about 15 seconds until the creature turned and continued right to left several steps, whereupon it turned back over its shoulder and made a guttural harrumph or snort, after which it turned and walked silently into the mangroves. The witness stated that he had seen large footprints in this area before and wondered at the time, “Why would somebody come back in here to fish from the shore?” He commented that on these previous occasions he surmised that the large size of the prints had to do with the soft sand, or tidal wash of the prints.

Witness sketch created by BFRO artist Sybilla Irwin


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8 Responses to “Fishing guide with clients approached by a Florida Skunk-Ape”

  1. Sean C

    Damn! That would be scary and amazing at the same time. Even the ones that do not go out of their way, to scare the witnesses half to death, seem to display contempt toward people. More often than not, anyway, it seems to be a display of contempt, with the snorting. I’d rather be snorted at any day though, versus having to experience a bluff charge. I’m sure that I would probably at least lose control of my bladder, in such a case.


  2. Scott P

    I’m slap in the middle of most Florida sightings between Ocal Natl. forest and Merit Island. I did some volunteer animal rescue work recently on the border of the Ocala national park and we spent the night. No sleep though…. The volume of screams kept us up all night. The Skunk Ape is alive & we’ll in central Fl.

  3. Scott P

    They all vary as much as we do in color. Not every human has dark hair and their colors range just like ours do. Blonde, red , brunette, etc….

  4. diana m

    mmmm, let me think. What corporation/s would be interested in a non existent boogers, closely resembling human. Sure wish Big Pharma would stop ‘accidently’ releasing their messed up lab experiments. Can you say Pulitzer Prize?

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