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The Beast of Bray Road and “Embracing the Strange”

Flyover Culture writes “To many, the city of Elkhorn, Wisconsin, is an idyllic community of Midwest hometown charm – better known as “Christmas Card Town.” But in the late 80s, a crop of sightings would spark an interest in Elkhorn’s other claim to fame: The Beast of Bray Road.”


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  1. Connie O

    Many , many people witnessed this very aggressive thing/monster, including police officers. It terrorized a lot of people. The Midwest is not immune to monsters.

  2. Ron S

    Just before the pandemic started maybe 2019 possibly?( I’m not great remembering times and dates.) My fiance and I were traveling to a Renaissance festival in Bristol Wi. then visit her dad and step mom in Mayville Wi. There was road construction going on at that time so we had to follow detours through some small farming towns to get to “Renfair” , I believe the speed limit was 45mph. Having looked back at a map I think it was either HWY 11 or Potters Rd. where my story happened… it was mostly flat farmland. I do remember it was just a certain distance from where I’ll tell you next upon looking it up not so long after it happened back then.
    First off….I’ve only ever seen 3 strange things that stuck with me as unexplained while in a vehicle in all my years, and one of them was when I was in the passenger seat on this trip. It was fairly early in the morning and we were well into the trip, and although the sun was up and we were having a nice drive following detours and we get to this quaint looking rural farm town, but to me the area just seemed off and felt darker than it looked. As we crossed a small bridge over a little creek I looked off to my side out the window from the bridge and saw 2 bulky, very tall reddish/brown looking things standing side-by-side on the bank maybe 30-40yds or less away from the car….they were next to this narrow creek with just a couple mature trees and mostly brush, so these things really stood out..they definately weren’t giant tree stumps, these things definately had what appeared to be hair…the river and trees here were one of the few strips found in the immediate area amongst these large flat fields and few houses. My mind was spinning after seeing this for maybe a minute or two but it kept eating at me and I had to say something….I asked my fiance if she didn’t mind turning around as I wanted to see again what I was looking at, but she wasn’t too keen on it, it was a few miles back and she wanted to get to our destination ASAP…I don’t blame her at all as neither of us like sitting in a car for hours on end…plus, sometimes you really aren’t prepared to know.
    It must’ve been a good month or more later that I was listening to something about the Beast of Bray Road (which I had definately heard of) but didn’t know where it was…I thought it was a southern U.S. thing….then I heard Elkhorn WI in that interview and it rung a bell, so I started looking at the map. Turns out my sighting must’ve been within a mile or so from Bray Road which really kind of stunned me and made me wonder….speaking of…It’s probably been 7 years going on 8 since my initial encounter with something paranormal or cryptid related, it makes me wonder if something was unlocked/atttracted to me for as much that has happened in the following years since….yeah, I think a lot about this stuff lol
    Maybe the 2 hairy figures were absolutely nothing or some kind of hoax or joke set up for tourists, but my gut tells me it was something more…I still don’t chalk that instance up as credible though…just odd….but still worth telling. And yes, normally as far as Bray road goes a dogman is reported…I’m just telling you what I saw.
    So that story reminds me of another story…..
    Working as a tattoo artist I’m usually pretty reserved, ok really reserved, but if I get comfortable talking more and more with a regular customer I’ll eventually bring up the topic of Sasquatch.
    Maybe a year or two ago I had been working several months (4hrs here and there) on this full sleeve for a police officer. I couldn’t help myself and thought this is a likely person to ask if any others in the area report these things. We had gotten to trust each other pretty decent with his other work I had previously done, and especially by the last few sittings of that sleeve…btw, he was part Native American as well, which I think helped to trust each other. So I asked him if he ever got reports like bigfoot or had any experiences himself before I started spilling the beans on a lot of the weird things happening to me. He said he hadn’t heard any reports but he proceeded to tell me about the only weird thing like bigfoot that ever happened to him and while driving down the highway….As he was driving along he was kind of freaked out when a compelling voice like he hadn’t heard before or since told him not to look off to the side out his window…well, he didn’t listen and then he looked anyway….he said with a “swear on my life”, he saw a very large hairy looking man that he said could only be something like a bigfoot…it was walking through the snowy swamp up to it’s knees while carrying a dead whitetail deer in it’s arms like a person would carry a dog. I barely started to ask him where it happened, and then I stopped myself…Instead I asked him if it happened near this particular stretch of road (I won’t mention)’s an area I like to fish, but also where 90% of my strange occurrences happen…he was pretty shocked when I said the exact location, but I wasn’t….turns out I was right. When he told me this encounter he also made it clear he wasn’t into the subject of Sasquatch but he did seem open minded to it…he also didn’t know about what people refer to as mind speak….At that time I was only just hearing a little about it myself. There is a commonality to some of the local natives here that when the tribe gives you your spirit name you feel protected. I unfortunately don’t have a spirit name yet but I hope to one day. I would definitely welcome a little more peace of mind. Thanks for reading if you had the time…and don’t forget to share a laugh!
    Btw, I found an old collapsed sweat lodge in the woods I hadn’t seen before while out berry picking today…old offerings of tobacco on its floor…I left my own offering of tobacco next to it and shortly afterwards found a nice delicious puffball mushroom that went great our venison hogies:)
    It’s amazing what the world provides.
    ⚠️ Do not eat mushrooms from the wild unless you know exactly what they are…some are deadly.
    My 100% truth to the best of my memory everyone, Take care❤

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