Aug 6

Upcoming Show: A Wild Night Camping

A listener writes “Two weeks ago Friday July 29th. Me and my girlfriend were kayak camping, very remote very unpopulated only a handful of my friends do this sort of camping. Encountered a very big black object in the late evening watching us from the bluff as we were on the river bank setting up camp.

When I rose my head saw this animal/thing, it raised up and in a flash tore threw the thick brush moving small to large trees. Threw the night heard crashing in the river from our tent. A very large tree fell very close to the tent on a dry soil non-windy night. And worse woke up around 3 am to a large creature outside our tent sniffing near us then crashing through the river as I rose out of my sleeping bag. A very wild experience. I would like to share with you.”

Spoke to the eyewitness and he has agreed to come on the show.

9 Responses to “Upcoming Show: A Wild Night Camping”

  1. m99

    My worse camping nightmare. This sounds interesting. I like the little shirts of the episodes you’ve been doing. Actually look forward to them. 🙂

    • m99

      Duh. Shorts not shirts. Meaning the clips from the episode. See why I continue to edit, edit, edit. Have to! But to be fair, it WAS the dad-gum auto correct again. Anywho….

    • Daren c

      Right next to the Sasquatch Chronicles icon on the video in tbe upper left corner, click on where it says “upcoming show” it will take you to YT so you can watch it there . YT won’t allow any videos to play on any other platform but their own. Hope that helps.

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