May 12

Thank You Houston!

I want to thank everyone who came out to the live event. I had a great time meeting everyone. I am working on getting my audio version of the show. There is technical issues with the audio file but I am going to see what I can get out of it. I am heading out for Dallas. Thank you again!












28 Responses to “Thank You Houston!”

  1. Jeremiah S

    You look good Wes all suited up. It’s nice to see the face that’s behind the Mic. You and Tony can almost pass for brothers lol. Thanks for posting some pics for those that couldn’t go.

  2. m99

    Wow Wes, you look so handsome! How do they say?…you clean up well! 🙂 T/Y for posting and sharing your Houston experience. Blessings_m99

  3. Jan F

    Cool to see some faces “Tony”
    And very good to see your all.
    Listen if the Sound is crap..then i dont have to remind YOU WES that you are a great storyteller.
    Like When you told your own testemoni whit Woody.
    Hello from Denmark .

  4. Karen C

    Everyone looks like they are having a wonderful time in Texas, Wes you and Bob just look so good together like family, we appreciate you taking all the fun pictures…Love them…Bob never ages…Handsome Fellows all….

  5. Asheim

    Looking good Wes very handsome in your suit. Looks like a great time with everybody. Wish I could have been there. Looking forward to hearing about your trip! Have a safe flight home.

  6. steve s

    It is wonderful to se Bob so happy after so many years of the world questioning what he saw; Now to have so many stand with him. Good job Wes. It pleases my hart to see some one take the time with him.
    Steve Simpson

  7. Brian L

    Wes, Susie and I had a great time visiting with you, Tony and Bob. All the Podcasters and their stories were fun and interesting. Bob is a classy guy. We are glad to have met him. Tony sure is a fun guy to be around. Wes your kind personality puts people at ease in person and over the phone. Thank you for taking time to share a story and bringing a legend, and a protege along.

  8. Reid D

    Wes it was great seeing you!! Welcome back to Texas you sir are welcome anytime!! It was great meeting The Bob Gimlin!! Great time!! Seeing you guys in person!! Tony Merkel and Hillbilly Horrors

  9. Michael V

    Selfishly, I must say Friday and Sunday nights are not the same without new SC Episodes I have come so accustomed to listening to each night before bed.

  10. Annalisa H

    You men look incredibly handsome!! I’m in North Austin and wanted to let you all know that you are all very welcome here! Its a cleaner less trafficy cooler area. I know they have bigger feet but please pleae please?! Austin is waiting?
    And I forgot to mention that I live about a mile away from Hairyman Road. Love you all❤

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