May 12

Dark Waters: Three Bigfoot Stories

3 Bigfoot Stories and oldie but goodies story. Not advertiser friendly YouTube. Bigfoot attacks two me while in Arkansas, rams the truck and tears it up.

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  1. m99

    Well Hello Dark. Been a while. I was looking for recent Dark Waters & didn’t find any… then happy to see it posted here. Thanks Wes!

    • Robert E

      m99,Check out his website he has put out some new great material some is free the rest requires a membership but it’s well worth the $ for the content you get!

        • m99

          ~ I did that Robert and heard a bunch of free content. Something to do while Wes is outta state. 🙂 Saved the link too. I used to have hundreds of links with his among, but my computer bit the dust. Building them again and now I have Dark’s, thanks to you. Appreciate it Robert E. 🙂

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